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Pricing for over-the-counter drugs. Prices are subject to change.

Pain and Fever

Acetaminophen XTRA STR., 100’s (Compare to Tylenol XTRA STR.) $2.50
AZO-GESIC, 30’s (Compare to Azo-Standard) $3.75
Ibuprofen 200MG, 24’s (Compare to Advil, Motrin) $2.00
Ibuprofen 200MG 100’s $4.00
MAPAP PM (Compare to Tylenol PM) 50’s $2.50
Naproxen SOD. 220MG, 50’s (Compare to Aleve) $4.00

Cough, Cold, Allergy and Sore Throat

Allegra- D 20’s $15.50
Airborne Original 10’s $5.50
Aprodine (Compare to Actifed) 24’s $2.50
Cetirizine 10MG TABS, 14’s (Compare to Zyrtec) $4.00
Cetirizine 10MG TABS, 30’s (Compare to Zyrtec) $5.50
Cetirizine /PSE 12’s (Compare to Zyrtec D) $9.50
Cetirizine/PSE 24’s (Compare to Zyrtec D) $15.00
Cough Drops, 30’S (Compare to Halls) $1.00
Day Time Liquid Softgel 16’s (Compare to Dayquil) $3.50
Decongestant Nasal Spray, 1/2oz. (Compare to Afrin) $1.50
Delsym, 12 Hour Cough Suppressant, 3oz $8.50
Diphenhydramine 25MG Caps (Compare to Benadryl) $2.00
Loratadine-D 10’s (Compare to Claritin-D) $6.00
Loratadine 10MG 10’s (Compare to Claritin 10MG) $2.00
Loratadine 10MG 30’s (Compare to Claritin 10MG) $4.00
Mucinex D 18’s $10.50
Mucus Relief, 30’s $2.75
Mucus Relief DM, 30’s $3.00
Nite Time Liquicaps 16’s (Compare to Nyquil Liquicaps) $3.50
Pseudoephedrine 30MG 24’s (Compare to Sudafed- Non Drowsy) $2.00
Robafen DM, 4oz (Compare to Robitussin DM) $2.00
Saline Nasal Spray, 1.5oz (Compare to Ocean) $1.75
Sore Throat Lozenges, 18’s (Compare to Chloraseptic) $2.50
Sore Throat Spray, 6oz (Compare to Chloraseptic) $2.50
Umcka Cold Care $10.50
Vicks Vaporub 1.76oz $4.50

Heartburn, Nausea and Diarrhea

Antacid Liquid, 12oz (Compare to Mylanta) $3.00
Anti-Diarrheal Tabs, 24’s (Compare to Imodium) $3.50
Anti-Nausea Tabs, 12’s (Compare to Dramamine) $2.00
Bismatrol, 8oz (Compare to Pepto Bismol) $2.50
Famotidine 10MG 30’s (Compare to Pepcid AC) $3.50
Gas Free 30’s (Compare to Gas-x) $3.50
Omeprazole OTC, 14’s (Compare to Prilosec OTC) $9.00
Omeprazole OTC 28's (Compare to Prilosec OTC) $15.50
PEG 3350 (Compare to Miralax) $6.50
Ranitidine 150MG (Compare to Zantac Max Strength) 24's $3.00
Tums 1 Roll $1.00


Certavite Tabs (Compare to Centrum) 130’s $4.50
Ferrous Sulfate Tabs, 5GR 100’s (Compare to Feosol) $2.00
Slow Release Iron 60’s (Compare to Slow FE) $4.00


Clotrimazole Cream 1% 15GM (Compare to Lotrimin AF) $2.75
Hydrocortisone CRM 1%, 1oz (Compare to Cortizone-10) $2.00
Muscle Rub, 1 1/4oz $2.00
Terbinafine 1% Cream 15GM (Compare to Lamisil Cream) $6.50
Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 1/2oz (Compare to Neosporin Ointment) $2.75

Eye, Ear and Mouth

Abreva Cold Sore Treatment $15.00
Chap Lip (Compare to Chapstick) $1.00
Ear Wax Removal Drops, 1/2oz (Compare to Debrox) $2.00
Liquid Tears, 1/2oz $2.50
Opcon A Eye Drops, 1/2oz $6.00
Oral Pain Relief Gel ½ oz (Compare to Orajel) $3.00

Feminine Products

Midol, 24’s $5.00
Emergency Contraceptive (MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF AGE) $30.00
Pregnancy Test $4.00
Yeast Infection Cream, 7 day (Compare to Monistat-7) $5.50