Interfraternity Council

EIU IFC Meetings, Minutes, and Events for Spring 2015


Contact the chapters directly for Spring 2015 IFC Recruitment.

Update Chapter Information 2015

IFC Fraternities at EIU! 

Delta Chi
President: Nick Appleby

Advisor: Nik Kern

Delta Tau Delta
President: Skye Magnus
Advisor: Scott Chaney

Lambda Chi Alpha
President:  Zach Wyman
Advisor: Stuart Ruwe

Phi Kappa Theta- EIU Phi Kappa Theta on Facebook, EIU Phi Kappa Theta on Twitter
President:  Allen Potter
Advisor: Greg Wooters

Phi Rho Eta - currently dormant

Pi Kappa Alpha     -  EIU Pikes on Facebook, EIU Pikes on Twitter
President: Andrew Pruski
Advisor: Randy Bieber

Sigma Alpha Epsilon     -  EIU SAE on Facebook   EIU SAE on Twitter
President:  Mackenzie Miller
Advisor: Kasey Evans

Sigma Chi       -   EIU Sigma Chi on Facebook    EIU Sigma Chi on Twitter
President-Elect:  Joey McElligott
Advisor:  Tom Kraft

Sigma Nu   
President:  Austin Glan
Advisor: Terry Luby

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Sig Ep on Facebook     EIU Sig Ep on Twitter
President:  Christian Sammons
Advisor: Michelle Murphy

Sigma Pi
President: Corey Thiesse
Advisor: Hector Tamayo, Jr.


Alpha Tau Omega - Chapter closed as of June 2014



Recruitment Guidelines

Recruitment Dates: Check each chapter's web site, or contact them directly for information on Spring recruitment opportunities.

Each fraternity hosts individual open house and recruitment events all year long. 

New students to EIU (Freshmen and transfers), may not accept a bid to an IFC fraternity until September 3rd, 2013. Returning students may accept a bid upon receipt.

Please look for flyers across campus and advertisements in the Daily Eastern News.


IFC Constitution and Bylaws (approved November 2014)


Executive Board

President: Nathan Gayheart

Executive Vice President: Joe Lombardo

Vice President Standards: Jeremy Handley

Vice President Member Development: Jacob Jevitz

Vice President Risk Management: Zack White

Vice President Recruitment: Christian Ruiz

Vice President Public Relations: Michael Hartung

Vice President Administrative Affairs: Henry Schmidt

Vice President Community Service: Sam Nusbaum

IFC Graduate Advisor: Lauren Stehlik


For more information, please contact the IFC President, Nathan Gayheart