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Barry Kronenfeld, Ph.D.

Barry Kronenfeld, Ph.D.

Office: 2065 Physical Science
Phone: 217-581-7014
Email: bjkronenfeld@eiu.edu
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Dr. Barry Kronenfeld, assistant professor of geology/geography, currently serves as the coordinator for the Professional Science Master's in Geographic Information Sciences.  The program is an interdisciplinary program designed to allow students to pursue an advanced degree with training in the Geographic Information Sciences while at the same time developing skills in business that are highly valued by employers. A small program size encourages the professional development of students by ensuring mentoring with faculty from the departments of Geology/Geography, Biological Sciences, Economics, Political Science, Business, and Technology. The PSM in GISci prepares graduates to address the documented local and regional workforce needs in business, government, and non-profit sectors. Graduates with a GISci background can find employment in a variety of careers related to natural resource conservation, urban studies, demographic analysis, economic location analysis, public works, weather/climate forecasting, environmental studies, disaster response, military, regional planning or archaeology, just to name a few. Geographic Information Science is a powerful tool, applied by researchers in diverse disciplines.  The need for accurate, multi-dimensional geospatial information is routinely used at all levels within academic, public, private and governmental units. 

The program also offers a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Sciences in Environmental Life Sciences.

Dr. Kronenfeld is a geographic information scientist with focus on geovisualization and spatial statistics. Active research projects include analysis of spatial interaction between species, visualizing patterns of uncertainty in health data, and cartogram construction. He currently teaches numerous courses related to geography and GIScience at EIU, including Intro to GIS, Cartography, GIS Modeling, GIS Programming and Human Impact on the Environment.

Admission to the graduate program in GiSci requires an application to The Graduate School as well as an additional application to the Department of Geology/Geography. Please contact Dr. Kronenfeld or visit the program's website for program admission criteria.   

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