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Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences

School of Business

Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Akalin, Gurkan Ph.D. University of Texas 2013 Oct-13 Oct-18
Boggs, David Ph.D. University of Texas 1998 Jan-12 Jan-17
Chahyadi, Chuck Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 2008 Sep-12 Sep-17
Chiou, Ingyu Ph.D. New York University 1999 Sep-10 Sep-15
Coker, Kesha Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2010 Sep-12 Sep-17
Costello, Thomas Ph.D. University of Illinois 2000 May-13 May-18
Dobbs, Michael Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas 1999 Feb-11 Feb-16
Elmuti, Dean Ph.D. University of North Texas 1985 Apr-13 Apr-18
Fleming, David Ph.D. University of South Florida 2010 June-10 June-15
Flight, Richard Ph.D. University of Alabama 2007 Sep-14 Sep-19
Garrett, Norman Ed.D Arizona State University 1986 Sep-11 Sep-16
Grünhagen, Marko Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1999 Sep-12 Sep-17
Illia, Abdou Ph.D. Laval University 2003 May-12 May-17
Karim, Waresul Ph.D. University of Leeds 1995 Oct-13 Oct-18
Lach, Patrick Ph.D. Mississippi State University 2008 Sep-14 Sep-19
Lee, Simon Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2002 Sep-14 Sep-19
Lin, Crystal Ph.D. Old Dominion University 2004 Sep-14 Sep-19
Minnis, William Ph.D. St. Louis University 2001 May-12 May-17
Moncada, Thomas J.D. Kent College of Law 1975 Apr-13 Apr-18
Shinde, Jay Ph.D. SIU 2010 Feb-11 Feb-16
Smith, Denise J.D. Baylor University 1977 Sep-12 Sep-17
Sysko, James J.D Widener University of Law 1994 Sep-11 Sep-16
Wang, Richard Zhe Ph.D. Victoria University of Wellington 2010 June-10 June-15
Wen, Chao Ph. D. University of North Texas 2012 May-13 May-18
White, Larry Ph.D. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2002 Apr-12 Apr-17
Willems, John R. * Ph.D. Indiana University 1994 Automatic
Wollan, Melody # Ph.D. University of Nebraska 2002 Automatic
Associate Members
Bayer, Mark Ph.D. University of Texas 2014 Jan-15 Jan-16
Adjunct Members

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School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Betz, Axton Ph.D. Iowa State University 2012 Oct-12 Oct-17
Brooks, Lisa Ph.D. Indiana State University 2007 May-13 May-18
Burns, Melanie# Ph.D. University of Illinois 1999 Automatic
Frank, Jacquelyn# Ph.D. Northwestern University 1994 Automatic
Hagan, Karla Kennedy Ph.D. University of Illinois 2004 Feb-10 Feb-15
Hartenstein, Jaimee Ph.D. Kansas State University 2014 Sep-14 Sep-19
Hugo, Nichole Ph.D. Arizona State University 2014 Sep-14 Sep-19
Lane, Crystal Duncan Ph.D. Virginia Tech 2011 Oct-12 Oct-17
Lord, Jeanne Ph.D. University of Illinois 1993 Automatic
Moyer, Lisa# Ph.D. Auburn University 2005 Automatic  
Murphy, Frances L. Ph.D. Texas Woman's University 1989 Feb-14 Feb-19
O'Rourke, Kathleen Ann Ph.D. University of Tennessee-Knoxville 1999 Nov-10 Nov-15
Shaw, Katherine Ph.D. Florida State University 2011 Oct-11 Oct-16
Sherwood, Michelle Ph.D. Indiana State University 2002 May-14 May-19
Simpson, Linda* Ph.D. University of Illinois 1994 Automatic
Wilkinson, Richard Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia 1997 May-14 May-19
Associate Members
Coonce, Donna M.S. Eastern Illinois University 1997 Dec-14 Dec-15
Hart, Karen M.S. Eastern Illinois University 1990 Dec-13 Dec-14
Magee, Felicia M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2013 May-14 May-15
Reifsteck, Deborah M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2007 May-14 May-15
Yousaf, Christina M.S. University of Akron 1989 Feb-15 Feb-16
Adjunct Members
Baker, Misty
Eastern Illinois University 2007 Apr-14 Apr-17
Crouse, Joyce Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 1969 Oct-10 Oct-13
Duzan, Tamera M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2009 Oct-12 Oct-15
Painter, James Ph.D. University of Illinois 1999 Dec-14 Dec-15
Yocum, Dustin M.A. Eastern Illinois University 2013 Apr-14 Apr-16

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Faculty MemberDegreeUniversityDegree YearDate Received/RenewedExpiration Date
Regular Members
Bai, Rendong Ph.D. University of Kentucky 2008 Jun-09 Jun-14
Boldrey, Tom Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado 1981 May-08 May-13
Chadd, Julie Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2003 Jun-09 Jun-14
Cloward, Jerry Ph.D. Utah State University 2009 Jun-09 Jun-14
Drage, Karen S. Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2004 Feb-06 Feb-11
Guccione, Samuel Ed.D. Temple University 1992 May-08 May-13
Hawkins, Thomas Ed.D. University of Illinois 1994 Jun-09 Jun-14
Hogan, R. Lance Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2005 Feb-06 Feb-11
Liu, Peter Ping * Ph.D. Iowa State University 1991
Luft, Roger Ed.D. Oregon State University 1977 Sep-04 Sep-09
McDonald, Thomas N. Ph.D. Virginia Polytec 2004 Feb-06 Feb-11
Melton, David Ph.D. Utah State University 2007 Jun-09 Jun-14
Messer, John Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado 1977 Sep-04 Sep-09
Salinas, Fidel Ed.D. University of the Pacific 2001 Sep-04 Sep-09
Salazar, Rigiberto Ph.D. Ohio University 2003 Jun-09 Jun-14
Steinke, Luke Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2006 Jun-09 Jun-14
Toosi, Mori Ph.D. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 1990 Sep-04 Sep-09
Wahby, Wafeek S. Ph.D. Alexandria University 1988 Feb-06 Feb-11
Waskom, Tommy Lee Ph.D. Texas A&M University 1981 Sep-04 Sep-09
Wu, Yu-Ju Ph.D. Western Michigan University 2008 Jun-09 Jun-14
Associate Members
Barnard, Bruce M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2004 Aug-14 Aug-15
Israr, Toqueer Ph.D. University of Ottawa 2013 Oct-14 Oct-15
Adjunct Members

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# — Graduate Coordinator
* — Department Chair
Last Updated on 02/25/15