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Eastern Illinois University Recycling

Our recycling helps create a more environmentally responsible campus. It also provides student employment opportunities.

Please use the correct containers on campus to dispose of recyclable goods. This will help us move quickly and recycle more goods. Containers are for (1) paper products (paper, magazines, envelopes, cereal boxes, cardboard games, etc.) [No pizza boxes and other food contaminated items] and for (2) comingled (aluminum, plastics, etc.)

Surplus Office Supply Store

Eastern has opened a surplus office supply store. Bring your extra office supplies to the supply store, then see what we have that you need. We may have:

File folders and hangers
Small Boxes
Other assorted products

Come check us out on the east side of Central Receiving. We are in the white building closest to the O'Brien Stadium parking lot in the Facilities Planning and Management Complex. Come to the south side of the building; the door is marked.

Just leave what you have as office surplus and take what you can use. There is no charge for this service. How long has it been since you got something for free? For more information, contact Jim Thomas or Patty Murphy at 581-5921.

EIU Recycling Program Links of Interest

Government Websites:
Preferable Products Procurement Program
Environmental Protection Agency

Harvard University
Northwestern University

Other Interesting Links:
What Happens When I Recycle?
Sustainable You: A Guide to Living Green at Northwestern University