In Recognition and Appreciation


Burnham and Nancy Neal Outstanding Philanthropist Awards

Founded in 1953 under the leadership and direction of H Ogden Brainard, the Eastern Illinois University Foundation has, since its inception, been dependent upon the generosity of volunteers to fulfill its mission of support to the University. Beginning in 1993, the Foundation has recognized and honored philanthropists whose spirit and overwhelming generosity will serve Eastern Illinois University and its students in untold ways far into the future. In 1997, the Philanthropy Awards were named after Burnham and Nancy Neal in recognition of their leadership, gifts and steadfast dedication to Eastern Illinois University.  

This award is bestowed upon individuals and organizations who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to the academic and cultural well-being of Eastern Illinois University by providing sustaining financial support through lifetime contributions, and pledges or planned gifts as well as service to the University and the community.


Newton Tarble Family
H Ogden Brainard (posthumous)
Richard A. & Molly Lumpkin (posthumous)
Errett & Mazie Warner (posthumous)
John S. & Margaret Redden (posthumous)
Lumpkin Foundation
USX-Marathon Group
Roger T. Roberson
EIU Department of Music


No awards presented due to Centennial activities


Grace Markwell Meier (posthumous)
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation
Consolidated Communications, Inc
Thomas M. Woodall
EIU Alumni Association


Ray C. & Evelyn B. Duncan (posthumous)
Lake Land College Foundation
United Daily News
Kathlene Shank
EIU Greek System


Jessie Voigt Allhands
Nims Associates, Inc.
Ramona Roberson


Walter & Lucille Klehm
State Farm
Sue Sparks McKenna
EIU Business Advisory Board


Lois Elliott
Bonutti Orthopedic Services, LTD
Steven L. Grissom
EIU Parents Club


Brenda Edgar
Foundation for Excellence
Margaret C. Hollowell
EIU Panther Club


Burnham Neal
Charleston Area Charitable Foundation
Edward Jones
Alice Shawver
EIU Campus Chapter Habitat for Humanity


Newton E. Tarble Family
Jack Schultz
EIU Accountancy Advisory Board


Jim & June Giffin
Charles & Mariann Younger Foundation
Caterpillar, Inc
Shirley Moore
Beta Gamma Sigma


Harold & Lois Joseph
Tawani Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Lectra USA, Inc.
John & Patty Luther
Dept. of Communication Disorders & Sciences


Identa Moler Austin
First Mid-Illinois Bancshares
Judy A. Ethel
EIU American Marketing Association


Max & Mary Cougill
College Access Foundation of California
Credit Union 1
Joseph Dively
EIU School of Business Advisory Board


Ronald D. & Myra Jeffris
Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. Foundation
Jon & Jo Ann Laible
Newman Catholic Center
State Farm Companies Foundation


Patrick & Genie Lenihan
Harold Marker
Wesley Whiteside

Barbara Heise Clark
Dr. Jerry D. and Margery Heath
Helen Price
C. Roger Sorensen

Donor Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Florence Ballenger Estate
Louise E. Boewe
Dr. Garry E. and Janet E. Ernst
Herbert and Llynette Jane Lasky
Barbara R. Rennels Roberts
Carol A. Richardson



Dr. Helen Krehbiel-Reed
Joan B. Stough


Carl Mito
Julie Nimmons


David and Phyllis Sardella


Dr. William L. Perry



2014 Outstanding Philanthropist Award Recipient 

2014 Outstanding Philanthropist Dr. Perry

EIU Foundation Board President, William Robinson presenting the 2014 Outstanding Philanthropist Award to
Dr. William L. Perry



  Honorary Lifetime Members

A lifetime membership in the Foundation is bestowed upon individuals who have brought significant recognition and attention to the University, have provided substantial lifetime contributions, or who have attained national or international prominence and prestige in their careers and lifetime endeavors.



Louis V. Hencken

Harold F. Marker


Jan Tarble


Ivan "Ike" Kennard


Jim & Brenda Edgar

Richard A. Lumpkin

Burnham E. Neal


Max & Mary Cougill


Dr. Nathaniel J. Anderson

Joan Embery

Rudy Hlavek


Ken Baker

Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Heath


No awards presented


Dr. Larry J. Ankenbrand

Sandra (Senkbile) Pine and Jack Pine


To Be Announced 



2014 Honorary Lifetime Members

Larry Ankenbrand

E.I.U.  President Dr. William Perry and 2014 Honorary Lifetime Member recipient Dr. Larry J. Ankenbrand


Jack and Sandra Pine

2014 Honorary Lifetime Member recipients Sandra (Senkbile) Pine and Jack Pine




Outstanding Foundation Members

This award is bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate the ideals of membership in the Foundation through their volunteer service to the Foundation and to the University's academic and athletic programs, providing the leadership, expertise, and knowledge essential for the work of its advisory and governing boards, administrative councils and committees, and its executives-in-residence programs.



Michael Conlin

Ruth & Charles & Dow

Matt & Joyce Madigan

John Inyart


Edward "Mac" Corley

 Jerry Myerscough

 James Schnorf



Jonathan F. Gosse

Sylvia R. Nichols


Alan Baharlou

June Bubeck Giffin

Dennis D. Spice


Dr. Ronald E. Gholson

Paul L. Snyder


Lillian R. Greathouse

Ronald M. Leathers

Ross A. McCullough, Jr.



2014 Outstanding Foundation Members

  Lillian Greathouse

2014 Outstanding Foundation Member recipient Lillian R. Greathouse

Ron Leathers

 2014 Outstanding Foundation Member recipient Ronald M. Leathers



Ross McCullough Jr

2014 Outstanding Foundation Member recipient Ross A. McCullough, Jr.






Annuitant Ambassador of the Year

EIU Annuitants serve as volunteer ambassadors for the purpose of assisting visitors and guests to the Neal Welcome Center. In recognition of the outstanding service provided by the members of the EIU Annuitants Association, and in appreciation of the ambassadors who have shown exemplary service and dedication to the effort, the EIU Foundation Board of Directors hereby recognizes the Annuitant Ambassador of the Year.



Dave Maurer


Eulalee Anderson


Shirley Moore


Carol Helwig


Mary Coutant


Dale Wolf


Barbara Funk


Richard J. Barta


Edward "Mac" Corley


Cheryl Hawker 



Cheryl Hakwer

2014 Annuitant Ambassador Cheryl Hawker being presented the Annuitant Ambassador of the Year Award by Foundation Board member Timothy McCollum