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The Heritage Society honors those who make the commitment to support the University, its students and its programs through planned gifts, such as bequests from their estate or by designating the EIU Foundation the beneficiary of their IRA assets or life insurance. We often get inquiries from donors asking how to accurately make these provisions for the benefit of the University.

Here is the information that you (or professional advisor) will want to incorporate into your planning documents:

Eastern Illinois University Foundation
FEIN 37-6031320
860 W. Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920

Following is an example of appropriate language that you might use:

"I (name) of (city, state, zip) give, devise and bequeath ($ amount or % with estimated $ amount, or description of property) of my estate to the Eastern Illinois University Foundation, FEIN 37-6031320, located at 860 W. Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920, to be used for the following (scholarship, fund, program), the provisions of which are outlined in a separate agreement."

Our Directors of Philanthropy would be pleased to work with you on drafting a gift agreement that will outline your intentions for the planned gift once your estate matures. The final document, signed by you and the Foundation, will give us specific instructions to ensure we administer your gift according to your intentions and objectives.  The fully executed document will then simply be held in your file here at the Foundation until such time as your estate is settled.

Donors who make planned gifts are recognized in the Foundation's annual Honor Roll of Donors as a member of our Heritage Society. It is your decision whether you notify us of a planned gift made in your estate plan, and whether or not you would like recognition in doing so. Membership in the Heritage Society is non-binding. 

We would sincerely appreciate consideration of EIU in your estate plans! Please contact us toll-free at 1-866-581-3313 if you have any questions or desire additional information on making a planned gift.

The information on this site is not intended as legal, tax, or investment advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional.