Financial Aid Scholarships


 The Kenneth E. Coffey, Jr. Memorial Scholarship (pdf) was established by friends and family in memory of Ken Coffey. This award was created to give financial assistance to students who completed high school in Coles, Edgar, Clark, or Cumberland County. The recipient must be a full-time student at Eastern Illinois University in good academic standing. Financial need is a consideration, but not a requirement. Recipient(s) may be eligible to apply for, and receive the award one additional time, provided he/she continues to meet criteria. The award recipient will be announced in the spring semester, and the award will be payable in the fall semester to Eastern Illinois University. The award will be applied first against costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) with any remaining amount disbursed to the recipient. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. The deadline for this scholarship is March 2, 2015.


The College Access Foundation of California Scholarship (pdf), established in 2005, was created to give financial assistance to students who may not otherwise be able to attend college. The recipient(s) must be a full-time, undergraduate student accepted to Eastern Illinois University. The recipient of an initially granted scholarship must be an incoming freshman. Financial need is the primary consideration as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Preference will be given to students who are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

The award recipient shall receive an amount not to exceed one-half of the cost of tuition and fees to attend Eastern Illinois University as a full time, undergraduate student. The award will be payable one-half in the fall semester and one-half in the spring semester to the University. The award will be applied against tuition and fees. The recipient may be eligible to receive the College Access Foundation of California Scholarship for all four years at Eastern Illinois University provided the student remains in “good academic standing.” The deadline for this scholarship is March 2, 2015. Recipient(s) will be notified by mail.


The McKenna Secondary Education Scholarship (pdf), established in 1988, shall be granted to a full-time student enrolled in the field of English or History who is pursuing secondary teaching certification. The recipient shall be a junior or senior who is currently enrolled in or has completed at least one education course required for the secondary teaching certification. The recipient shall have a 3.1 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Financial need shall not be a criterion. The recipient shall have demonstrated an interest in research either in his/her major field or in secondary education.  Applications along with a letter of recommendation from a professor in the applicant’s field of study should be sent no later than February 2, 2015.


The Kate Booker Stapp Scholarship (pdf), established in 1948, serves to assist a female student who is a widow (or whose husband is incapacitated) and who has at least one child under the age of 18 living at home. The recipient should be teaching or be planning to teach. Students eligible to apply for this scholarship must be majoring in one of the following areas: early childhood education, elementary education, kinesiology and sports studies, master teacher, math education, middle level education, science with teacher certification, secondary education and foundations, social science teaching or special education. This scholarship is non-renewable. The recipient will be selected in spring and awarded in the fall semester. The deadline for application is May 1, 2015.


Established in 2011, The Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Scholarship Fund (pdf) was created to award full-time students pursuing a program of study leading to a career that promotes and assists the general public welfare. This may include, but is not limited to curriculums in education, criminal justice, health care, business administration, engineering, and various areas of science - chemistry and physics. Recipient(s) must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need. Financial need will be verified by the EIU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Recipients of the trust shall be a citizen of the United States of America for a minimum of five years. Students who qualify for the scholarship in the previous year shall be given preference for the following year provided they are eligible. The scholarship amount awarded to recipient(s) will be in the amount of $3,000 which will be applied evenly between the fall and spring semesters, to the student’s account and applied towards tuition, fees and other educational expenses. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is September 26th, 2014.  Recipient(s) will be notified by mail.   


The Eastern Illinois University Boy’s/Girl’s State Scholarship (pdf) is an award available to incoming freshman, male and female, who participated in the Boy’s/Girl’s State Program at EIU during the summer season. The winning recipients must be planning to attend EIU during their freshman year in the fall term of 2015. The award amount is $1,500 per scholarship and it will show as a credit to the student’s university account for the 2015-2016 academic year. This scholarship is non-renewable. This application form, accompanied with a letter of reference from the student’s school principal must be mailed to the following address no later than December 8, 2014. Recipients of this award will be notified by mail.

The Carol Specht Memorial Award (pdf) was established in 1987 in honor of Carol Specht and to serve as an encouragement to single-parent female students who desire to attend college.  The recipient must be an undergraduate female who is the single parent of at least one child living in her home, be enrolled as a student in a field leading to a career in one of the helping professions, including, but not limited to, counseling, teaching and social work, and demonstrate financial need.  The application deadline for this scholarship is Monday, March 2, 2015.  Recipient(s) will be notified by mail. 


Established in 2013, the Ron and Carol Jean (McHenry) Martin Communication and Theatre Scholarship (pdf) was created to award students of excellence in English Language Arts and Theatre Arts who are working toward a teacher certification for a career in education. Eligible applicants must be full-time students majoring in English Language Arts or Theatre Arts within the teacher certification program, accepted to Eastern Illinois University. Preference will be given to a student graduating from Paris, Paxton Buckley Loda, or a Joliet Township High School. If no student meets this criterion, then students attending high school in contiguous counties may be considered. In addition, preference will be given to an applicant interest in pursuing a career teaching Speech or Theatre. The recipient must maintain a GPA of 3.0. The selection committee shall verify that the recipient is making progress toward teacher certification. Financial need is a consideration. Applicants must submit a 1-2 page narrative describing their interest in pursuing a teaching career in English Language Arts, theatre Arts, or a combination of both disciplines. The deadline for this scholarship is March 2, 2015.

The Edith Breving Annual Scholarship (pdf) was established in memory of Edith Breving who never had the opportunity to attend college. This scholarship was also established in honor of Jakob Breving, who received an excellent education at Eastern Illinois University. Eligible applicants must be full-time undergraduate student accepted to Eastern Illinois University and be majoring in an area within the College of Arts and Humanities (Art, Communication Studies, English, Foreign Languages, History, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Social Science Studies, or Theatre Arts). Eligible applicants must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Preference will be given to a transfer student from a community college and to a student that has demonstrated some type of community service. Financial need is not a consideration. The deadline for this scholarship is March 2, 2015.


Other Available Scholarships