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Welcome to the FCS videos page!

This is where we try to link to all of our FCS - related video content. Below you will find links to a quick introductory video about the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, videos regarding how to prepare for Comprehensive Exams, and even a few clips talking about the documentary "Portion Size Me", which was created by our own Dr. Jim Painter. Please scroll down and enjoy!

FCS Videos
Food Videos
Portion Size Me!
FCS Youtube Page
FCS in the News


FCS Videos                             

FCS Introductory Video

Prepare for FCS Comprehensive Exams

     -Instructional Video Part 1

     -Instructional Video Part 2

     -Instructional Video Part 3


Food Videos                            

WAND Christmas Food Tips

Thanksgiving Cooking with FCS Students - Tofu Dish

WCIA Morning Show 3 Minute Grill


Portion Size Me!                     

The Early Show - Portion Size Me

 Portion Size me Promotional Video


FCS tube Page                 

EIU - FCS YouTube Channel (All FCS Videos)


FCS in the News                

 WCIA Morning Show - Interview with Cecilia Ricci & Jim Painter