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Here is a list of possible internship sites to consider for your internship in FCS.

FCS 4275 Internship Application Guidelines:

  • Each Application must include all three Forms (A, B, C; links below)
  • All forms must be word processed.
  • All forms (A-C) are to be completed, stapled, and placed in the Internship Materials Mailbox outside of the Family and Consumer Sciences Office, Klehm Hall 1030. 
  • Deadlines are strictly enforced.

FCS 3500/4000/4275 Student Internship Packet - Download Here

Site Supervisor Packet- Download Here

Fall 2014 Deadlines                               

Self-Assessment (Form A)   July 11, 2014
Internship Agreement (Form B) July 11, 2014
Employment Verification (Form C July 11, 2014
Internship Start Date      August 25, 2014
Internship End Date   December 12, 2014

Spring 2015 Deadlines                           

Self-Assessment (Form A)   November 14, 2014
Internship Agreement (Form B) November 14, 2014
Employment Verification (Form C) November 14, 2014
Internship Start Date  January 12, 2015
Internship End Date May 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Deadlines                        

Self-Assessment (Form A)   April 10, 2015
Internship Agreement (Form B) April 10, 2015
Employment Verification (Form C April 10, 2015
   *9 cr. hrs. Internship Start Date      May 18, 2015
**3 or 6 cr. hr. Internship Start Date    June 15, 2015
Internship End Date August 7, 2015

All summer interns (3, 6, or 9) credit hours may begin their internship on May 18th.
** Three (3) and six (6) credit hour interns ONLY, have an additional option of beginning their summer internship on June 9th.

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Lisa Brooks
Internship Coordinator
Klehm Hall 2018
(217) 581-6958.


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