External Speaker Sessions

In addition to internal speakers, Faculty Development has brought excellent presenters from outside our university to bring us best practices from both national and institutional perspectives, ranging on topics from critical thinking, to groups and academic games, assessment of grading and writing, race relations, work-life balance, and learning through inquiry.

Below is a list of past presenters and available resources from their sessions.

DateTopic(s) and SpeakerAvailable

Nov. 2010

- Designing Integrative Learning into Your Courses
- The Joy & Responsibility of Teaching Well

Dr. L. Dee Fink


April 2010 - Integrative Learning: Challenges and Opportunities
- More Than the Sum of the Parts: Fostering Integrative Learning

Pat Hutchings
PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
Nov. 2009 - Evidence-Based Learning
- Getting Credit for What You Do

Laurie Richlin
PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
April 2009 - Making the Grading Process Fair, Time-Efficient and Effective for Learning
- Increasing Student Motivation
- Is It Working? How to Determine If a Teaching Strategy is Working Well

Barbara Walvoord
Nov. 2008 - Increasing Student Learning: Metacognition and Learning Styles are the Key!
- Critical Thinking: It's Critical to Student Success!

Saundra McGuire
PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
April 2008 - Promoting Learning Through Inquiry
- Planning, Designing and Evaluating Student Assignments

Virginia Lee
PowerPoint 1
PowerPoint 2
Nov. 2007 - Plays Well With Others: Leadership Skills for Chairs and Directors
- Staying Sane in Insane Places: Living Well While Doing Good

Susan Robison
April 2007 - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
- Fostering Critical Thinking and Mature Valuing Across the Curriculum

Craig Nelson
Nov. 2006 - Beyond Diversity: Making Race Real
Tim Wise
April 2006 - Manage Away Work Overload: Fast But Fair Methods to Assess Grading and Writing
Linda Nilson
Nov. 2005 - Using Groups and Academic Games for Learning and Assessment
Barbara Mills
- Presentation Handout Appendices: A, B, C, D, E
- Sample Focus Group Questions
- Knowledge Survey Slides
- Metacognition and Studying
- Nuhfer CL Research
- Excel Histogram and Word Tables
- Videos
April 2005 - Taking the Pain Out of Grading
Marilla Svinicki