Faculty Development Support Grants

Faculty Development support grants are awarded to individual faculty members for the purposes listed below and are subject to the dollar maximums indicated. Applicants must secure approval by submitting application forms before the review deadline. Unit A and Unit B faculty are both eligible to apply for support grants.

Applications for Spring 2015 Support Grants are now closed.  

Application Form  Selection Procedures  Follow-Up Form

  1. Improvement of Instructional Activity
    • Awarded funds may be used to support attendance at workshops, conferences, other institutions of higher education, or other locations for the purpose of:
      1. Observing new teaching methods for a specific subject.
      2. Developing evaluation tools, new teaching techniques, or delivery systems, or other non-equipment, physical components of instruction.
  2. Improvement of Course Content
    • Awarded funds may be used to obtain course information that cannot be accessed through normal channels (e.g. mail, Booth Library resources). These non-equipment, non-salary expenditures are intended for:
      1. Acquisition of materials for restructuring an existing course or designing a new course.
      2. Internships, attendance at workshops, conferences, and travel to observe new programs and others currently unavailable at Eastern Illinois University.
  3. Dollar Maximums
    • A faculty member can obtain up to $500 in a fiscal year.
  4. Expectations
    • Information pertaining to the improvement of instructional activity or course content shall be shared with the campus community.
  5. Selection Process
    • Faculty Development support grant applications are collected throughout the fiscal year. They are then evaluated by the Faculty Development Advisory Committee, which is composed of representatives from each college. Responses on the application should be clear and specific.
    • Once proposals are evaluated in terms of the guidelines and prioritized, notification is sent to the applicants. Proposals receiving the highest rankings are then funded. Acceptable, but lower ranked, proposals are held for further consideration should funding become available later in the year.
  6. Samples of Awarded Grants
    • Please visit the Office of Faculty Development at 1116 Booth Library for samples of awarded grants in recent fiscal years.
  7. Summative Reports
    • Former recipients who have not submitted Summative Reports for previous awards received are not eligible for the current round of support grants. 
    • Summative Reports for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 award recipients are due on June 30, 2015.
  8. Important: Please note that any monies awarded for Support Grants must be spent or encumbered by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2015) according to University policy.