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Wed. 12 Sept 2018, noon—12:50 pm. Witters Conference Room (4440 Booth Library). Preparing Successful Grant Proposals: They Don’t Grow On Trees. Fall and the deadline for applications for the EIU Student Impact Grants for Faculty Mentors are just around the corner (hint: applications for the latter are due 1 October). decorative: money among leavesThis brief, practical discussion of what works best and what doesn't in the short-term and medium-term for preparing proposals and applications. was co-sponsored with Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Dr. Robert Chesnut, Director of that office and several faculty who have successfully obtained funding offered suggestions for obtaining internal and external outside funding for faculty activity. The panel included recent awardees of Student Impact Grants: John Bickford, Early Childhood, Elementary & Middle Level Education; Thomas Canam, Biological Sciences; Margaret Floress, Psychology; Edward Treadwell, Chemistry. 


Maximizing Your Online Faculty Profile 

Tues., March 20, 2018, 11:00 am

eiu-branded devices

The Chronicle of Higher Education periodically offers suggests for faculty on how to manage your web presence (“Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics,” 14 Feb. 2011), or, as it is now termed, curating it (“How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic,” 2 Jan. 2015). Your web presence is important for communicating your academic interests to potential students, especially at the graduate level, to former students (alumni), to those in your academic field and related fields, and to the public at large. But such managing/curating need not consume a large chunk of your available time. Recently, The Office of Faculty Development offered a workshop on Managing Your Online Faculty Profile. In this workshop, Britto Nathan, Biological Sciences; Todd Bruns, Booth Library; and Jay Grabiec, CATS, provided quick, innovative, and effective ways to curate your academic presence online, from the Faculty Profile option on EIU's site, to tips on how to most effectively use The Keep repository service of Booth Library, to a new and dynamic interface for updating faculty websites hosted by EIU. We provide supplementary materials (pdfs) below to help those that are interested in working on their own presence and profile to get started (or revising).

  • Using the Faculty Profile. Lisa Dallas was called in as a polling place election judge (note to self, don't have workshops on voting days!). But she sent this set of slides that show a few examples of how professors use Faculty Profile that you can easily log into, and get out information about you, your courses, your research, etc. in a simple, clean format. She provides initial screen shots of how to get started, and is happy to give some advice on this to get started.
  • Britto Nathan wanted a clean, crisp web template to put his presence out there. Britto went through the process of thinking WHY we want our presence online and WHO is the audience we want to reach (hint: the younger the audience, as in recruiting, the more images and videos and the less text the better). He worked with Ryan Gibson and CATS to come up with a WordPress template that all EIU faculty can use. The template is described below.
  • WordPress at EIU Directions. Jay Grabiec familiarized himself with this template and presented these slides on what this template is, how it compares with Faculty Profile (above), and how you might get started. The key to doing this, once you have reviewed the slides and decide this is the direction you want to go in, is to contact Jay directly.
  • Todd Bruns presented faculty SelectedWorks profile pages. These pages are search engine optimized, creating a greater presence on the Internet than regular web pages. He noted that having a SelectedWorks page gives a faculty member their own Author Dashboard, so they are able to document impact, and that a new harvesting tool allows for easy importing of your research work citations. He is currently working with ITS on developing an API that will allow flexible embedding of content from faculty SelectedWorks pages into departmental webpages. Contact Todd at thekeep@eiu.edu to get your SelectedWorks page setup.



Let's Do Teaching

(Dis)abilities in the Classroom

Tues., Feb. 27, 2018, 3:30-4:3 pm

Disabilities in the Classroom flyer

Abbey Lesko-Youngberg, Assistant Director, Disabilities Services; Gail J Richard, Director of Autism Center; and Stephanie Woodley, Assistant Professor, Special Education offered this workshop on ways to meet the needs of students with disabilities in and out of the classroom, and ways to modify course materials for wider (universal) success. The format was a set of opening remarks, followed by wider discussion on how ability and disability intersect.




Maximizing Your (and Your Students’) Use of Citation Management Software

Wed., January 31, 2018, 3:00 pm

Citation managers are great for citation, of course. But they are also great for scholarly communication and collaboration. Maximizing Your Use of Citation Management Software will enhance faculty’s familiarity with and use of these freely available tools. Whether you are just beginning to use these tools or use them regularly for basic citation curation, the session will promote yours capacity to organize, cite, collaborate on, network with, and discover research-related documents. This workshop will help faculty introduce these tools – especially Mendeley and Zotero – to their students as well as use the tools for their own research. Kirstin Duffin and Steve Brantley of Booth Library, who have provided citation management instruction in sessions and on a one-on-one basis, lead this workshop, part of The Office of Faculty Development's Let's Talk Do Tech series. It offers a brief introduction, a series of tips and best practices, and a discussion regarding the use of these tools across disciplines.




Learning Toolkit 2.0: Students’ Perspectives

Tues., November 7, 2017, 10:00-11:30

How do we teach content and vital learning skills at the same time? This collaborative workshop by Dr. Chigozirim Sodeke and Communication Studies Graduate Students offers a few no-hassle, research—based teaching hacks. Come and try them out and offer yours.




Speed Collaboration: A Brown Bag Event 

26 October 2017, 11-12:30pm, Klehm Hall 1418



The Office of Faculty Development in cooperation with the Center for the Humanities hosts a Speed Collaborating brown bag in Klehm Hall 1418 (across the hall from Klehm Café) Thursday October 26, 11:00-12:30. This is a chance for (quick) brainstorming in small groups to discover future course or research collaboration across disciplines and across the campus. You can bring your lunch or purchase at the Café. We will provide some food. Coffee, etc. is available for purchase.  

(And if you want to know how we (Fac Dev GA, Raquael Logan) constructed this flyer, go to the Fac Dev course on d2l Brightspace: https://online.eiu.edu/d2l/le/news/72365/81452/view. Hint: either pin Faculty Development to the top of the D2L pull-down, or switch to "All Roles" to see this course shell along with your other courses.)




Supporting Faculty Mentoring of Student Research Across the Academy

Date, Time, Place: 13 September 2017, 12-1pm, Witters Conference Room (Booth Library)

What works for mentoring student research and what works for writing successful grant proposals for mentoring? Robert Chesnut, Grants and Sponsored Programs and Richard England, Pine Honors College, lead a discussion with successful faculty mentors and grant proposal writers: Jay Bickford (Education), Danelle Larson (Music), and Anabela Maia (Biology). This workshop is open to all faculty and especially intended for faculty mentors and especially those applying for the EIU Student Impact Grants for Faculty Mentors. Check out the summary of Supporting Faculty Mentoring here!


Supporting Student Research


Communicating Your Passion: A Reprise

Date, Time, Place: 21 Mar 2017, 2-3pm, Doudna 1080 (Globe Studio)

In the classroom or in academic discussions, how do you tell your story, present your vision, or inspire your audience? Last year, Prof. Anne Thibault (Theatre Arts) offered a Faculty Development workshop to help us as faculty manage performance and presentation anxiety, achieve voice control and variety, and improve posture and body language. This month, Prof. Thibault offers a reprise of this workshop explaining the ways to and benefits of Communicating (Y)our Passion. The workshop helps us identify unconscious habits that sabotage our message and shows us how we can more meaningfully engage our students and audiences with authenticity and clarity.
Anne Thibault is not only a professional theater artist, but provides workshops to business corporations on speaking and presenting. This is a chance to fine-tune our self-presentation and performance. It will increase our self-awareness of how we influence how our message is received.

Communicating Your Passion poster


Let's Collaborate Teaching

Follow the Money: Funding for Faculty Research and Creative Activity

Date, Time, & Place: Wed, Feb 8, 1-2 pm, 4440 Booth Library

Dr. Robert Chesnut, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, offers a brief presentation of suggestions for obtaining outside funding for faculty activity, while a panel of faculty who have each had success in obtaining such funding weigh in on these suggestions with practical examples from their own experience. The panel is comprised of Dr. Charles R. Foy, History, Dr. Mary E. Konkle, Chemistry, Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Technology, Dr. Robin L. Murray, English and Women’s Studies. We would also like to hear your questions and experience. If you are interested in applying for Grants, check out the  Summary of the Discussion on Follow the Money now.

Follow the Money poster


Let's Collaborate Teaching

Cosponsored Workshops and Speakers:

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions on Campus

Time & Location: Tues., 15 Nov. 2016, 3:30-5pm, Klehm 2030

Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) and the Faculty Development Office at Eastern Illinois University are co-sponsoring a session on Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions on Campus, Tu, 15 Nov, 3:30 - 5:00 in Klehm 2030. This session will define and provide examples of microaggressions. Through interactive dialogue, the session will then assist participants in understanding how microaggressions perpetuate racism, sexism and misogyny, homophobia and transphobia, as well as classism. Proactive communicative challenges and responses will also be addressed. Open to Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants.

Microaggressions Poster


Let's Tech Teaching

Getting Started with OneNote for Teaching and Learning  --  HANDS-ON FOLLOW-UP

Contact: Tom Grissom, Director of Instructional Technology Center
Time & Location: Thurs., 10 Nov. 2016, 2:15-4:15pm, ITC lab, Buzzard Hall 1430

Even if you missed the workshop last week, feel free to stop by this hands-on OneNote follow-up where Dr. Grissom will be happy to help you learn how to adapt OneNote to your own course needs.

Original Workshop Summary
This workshop demonstrates a few lesser-known components of Office 365 to which all EIU faculty and students have free access, and which are specifically designed for education. Hands-on demonstration followed by discussion of when, how, and why you might want to use these programs. BYOD (bring your own device). For participants who want to begin using OneNote in their own courses, Dr. Grissom will offer a follow-up lab-based workshop a week later.

Getting Started with OneNote Poster


Let's Tech Teaching

Classroom Polling

Contact: Lisa Dallas, Kai Hung, Catherine Polydore, Jeffrey Stowell
Time & Location: Tues., 8 Nov. 2016, 2:30-3:30pm, Booth 4440

On 8 Nov., to celebrate the end of polling at the national level (well, for a week or two), we offer a session of four Lightning Talks on Classroom Polling (Lisa Dallas, Lumpkin School of Business/CATS/SCE, on PollEverywhere; Kai Hung, Biological Sciences, on Top Hat; Catherine Polydore, Counseling & Student Development, on Kahoot; Jeffrey Stowell, Psychology, on using mobile devices as clickers). Five-minute initial micro-presentations on favored polling practices will be followed by discussion on why you might want to try one of these apps in your course. BYODevice.

Classroom Polling Poster

Let's Tech Teaching

Getting Started with OneNote for Teaching and Learning

Contact: Tom Grissom, Director of Instructional Technology Center
Time & Location: Thurs., 3 Nov. 2016, 2-3pm, Buzzard Hall 1140

This workshop demonstrates a few lesser-known components of Office 365 to which all EIU faculty and students have free access, and which are specifically designed for education. Hands-on demonstration followed by discussion of when, how, and why you might want to use these programs. BYOD (bring your own device). For participants who want to begin using OneNote in their own courses, Dr. Grissom will offer a follow-up lab-based workshop a week later.

Getting Started with OneNote Poster

Let's Do Teaching

Strategies for Making It Stick

Contact:  Catherine Polydore
Time & Location: Wed., 26 Oct. 2016, 12:00-12:50, 4440 Booth Library

This workshop is inspired by Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (Brown, Roedigfer, McDaniel, 2014), discussed in last year’s Faculty Development reading groups. Educational psychologist, Dr. Catherine Polydore, Counseling & Student Development, shares her original, classroom-tested methods for deepening student learning. Come join us for this brief, lively presentation, followed by discussion of how these practices and tactics can readily be adopted across disciplines.

Strategies for Making It Stick flyer




Gaming the Classroom


Resistance in the Classroom