A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Thesis, and Dissertations

Book by Kate L. Turabian. Book Pages

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Chapter 1 describes the parts of a long formal paper. Chapters 2-5 introduce the mechanics of writing style, from abbreviations to quotations. Chapters 6 and 7 show how to prepare and refer to tables and illustrations. The section on documentation, chapters 8-12, describes two of the most commonly used systems of citation; these chapters provide many examples including guidance on how to cite electronic documents. Chapter 13, on manuscript preparation, shows how to take advantage of word processing software to present the elements of a paper clearly and effectively. Chapter 14 offers more than two dozen sample pages illustrating ways of formatting some of the complex features found in many research papers. Key words: Academic Dissertations, Handbooks Manuals, Report Writing, Academic Writing, Handbooks, Writing, Accessible book,