Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching

Book by Peter Seldin. Book Pages

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Changing Practices in Evaluation Teaching offers university and college administrators and faculty the kind of research-based and ready-to-use information required to foster truly effective and equitable teaching evaluation at their institutions. Seldin shares his years of extensive research on this topic, uniquely examining the transformation of evaluation trends over the past two decades, while pointing out the implications for the future. He and his noteworthy contributors not only cite the compelling reasons why colleges and universities must institute fair teaching evaluation systems, they also show readers how to do so. A complete guidebook, this volume offers a wide array of forms, case studies, web sites, tables, and examples. It is written for presidents, provosts, academic vice presidents, deans, department chairs, instructional development specialists, and faculty—the essential partners in improving teaching evaluation systems. Key words: Universities & college, Teaching, Teachers, Evaluation