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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions

English 4901 History of English Language

Section 001       CRN 97161
History of English Language     1100-1150 MWF

While researching your family tree in grandmother's attic, you come upon a rumpled piece of vellum, upon which is written: Hwaet, ic cyst secgan wylle…. "What," grandma queries, "is that?" "English," you reply matter of factly. This course traces the changes in our language from the period of Anglo-Saxon (above) to present day ("One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas"), focusing on the historical and sociological events which altered our vocabulary and form of expression. But we will not stop with the present. We will discuss also the trends and direction of our contemporary language and what they bode for the future. As Chaucer made clear, "in forme of speche is chaunge." Students will find this course invaluable, always interesting, and frequently riveting. Two hourly exams, a final exam, and a short research paper (7-9 pages) comprise the course’s written requirements. (Group 1)