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Fall 2013 Course Descriptions

English 1105 English Forum

Section 001       CRN 97153
English Forum    1500-1550 M

The English Forum was designed to introduce English majors and prospective majors to one another, and to the varied opportunities available within and through the major. To that end, you will get timely information from impeccable sources about emphases within the major, compatible minors, relevant co-curricular experiences (such as study abroad or internships), graduate & professional programs, and careers, among other things. This is a chance for you to chart your own path through the major—and a chance to articulate long-range goals and come up with strategies for achieving them. Assignments will include weekly blog posts that prepare you to participate in group discussion as well as responses to class activities, individualized research, and university events or performances. As a cumulative project, you will create a “prospective resume” in which you imagine what you will have done by the time you graduate. (Group 1)