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Civil War

Podcast Notes (from TechTalk4Teachers)

March 31, 2012

Episode 130 TechTalk4Teachers

Do you know the history of this song?Battle Hymn of the Republic 
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Our country is currently observing the Civil War Sesquicentennial.  The Library of Congress should be one of the first resources that come to mind when researching primary sources to incorporate into classroom instruction.  We want to take this opportunity to showcase the different ways that information is presented on the Library of Congress website within it's diverse divisions.  Much as writers change their tone and word choice to appeal to a reader, the Library of Congress staff uses a variety of methods to share digitized primary sources and information.  Most of the Library's digitized primary sources are presented without narrative, this prevents a viewer from being persuaded by a description or bias that an author may present.  However, in some cases more information is helpful when a topic is new to a reader or being explored for further research. 

Below are some examples of resources, take a look and see if you can identify the intended audience.

Students and Teachers:

Click on the Kids & Families link from the homepage and you will find access to resources that can be used for engaging introductions to topics, homework help and narratives. 

The Civil War era of Jump Back in Time feature in America's Story provides two or three paragraphs of information written for students in fourth grade and over.  The same primary sources are featured, but are sometimes cropped to help students focus on key elements.  

The Civil War Sheet Music Collection within the Performing Arts Encyclopedia showcases music and lyrics from both sides of the conflict, offering a unique look into the thoughts of those fighting and those at home.

From the Teachers Page we can find a Civil War Themed Resource Page.  This page links to Primary Source Sets, Lesson Plans, Exhibitions and Presentations and more.  

Civil War Maps is a collection within American memory that offers a chance to print or project maps that students can then interact with by highlighting, drawing or adding notes.

If you choose to search by Topic from, you will reach Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877.  This page provides a long list of resources.  

From the Library's Main Reading Room, a guide created called US Civil War: Selected Resources will take you to resources organized by media format.

Finally, on our TPS EIU website you will find the following materials:

Verse & Chorus:Lincoln, Poetry and Song Inspired by the Life and Actions of Abraham Lincoln.  

Teaching Lincoln with Primary Sources

Cartoon Analysis which features editorial cartoons of President Lincoln and techniques used to convey messages in these images.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Tools, with information about the museum and exhibits and links to relative Library of Congress resources.

The Source, our outreach page, features an archive of past issues of our newsletters.  There are multiple issues relative to the Civil War and each issue for the 2011-2012 features and article connecting the topic to this period.

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