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Essentials Exploration (intro, one day)
Literacy and Primary Sources Institute
TPS EIU Coaches Academy

This page contains information about TPS EIU summer professional development events. Essentials Exploration is an introductory workshop that is needed before attending institutes or academies. If you are already teaching with primary sources and regularly use the Library of Congress website, please contact Cindy about an exception.
Teachers from all grade levels and disciplines are invited to apply.
Space is limited and filled based on receipt of registration information,
previous TPS EIU experience and the potential for future collaboration.
Registration does not guarantee enrollment, you will receive status notification after the deadline.

 TPS EIU Essentials Exploration

This is an introductory event for those who are new to TPS EIU.
This one-day, hands-on workshop introduces the Library of Congress’ wealth of online resources for teachers and immerses you in strategies to engage students with primary sources. Investigate informational texts and practice strategies to promote critical thinking. Try primary source-based, standards aligned activities incorporating some of the millions of digitized primary sources found at For all grades and disciplines.
Location EIU Campus (other sites can be arranged)


__/__/__   9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  
or __/__/__   9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  
Apply Here      June __, 2016  Essentials Exploration  
 July __, 2016  Essentials Exploration 
  Participants who successfully complete the TPS EIU Essentials Exploration workshop
receive professional development hours, lunch and a $75 stipend.  
Registration does not guarantee enrollment, you will receive status notification after the deadline

  TPS EIU Coaches Academy

Have you had success in your classroom by teaching with primary sources? We want you!
TPS EIU is developing a team of “coaches” who are willing to collaborate and support peers from the building to regional level. TPS EIU Coaches will actively represent TPS EIU through activities such as presenting, publishing and more. You choose to do what you do best!
Location EIU
Dates TPS EIU Summer Coaches Academy
TPS EIU School Year Coaches Academy
After school or evening meetings at EIU 
 - Dates and time to be determined by cohort. (2.5 hrs each)
 - Meet in September, November, February and April  
Required Attendance and active participation in all sessions 
Desire to represent TPS EIU through presentation or publication - we will discuss possibilities, you do not have to arrange this prior to meeting.
Participate in ongoing  group communication during the 2015-2016 school year
Framework Part One. TPS Program (prerequisite, so only reviewed here) 
Part Two.  Adult Learners
Part Three.  Presentation/Facilitation Best Practices
Apply Here TPS EIU Summer Coaches Academy
TPS EIU School Year Coaches Academy
  Those who successfully complete the institute will receive PD hours and a $500 stipend.
  Stipends will be offered to encourage and supplement those who provide approved 
presentations, publish and/or participate in other professional education-based activities.
Registration does not guarantee enrollment, you will receive status notification after the deadline

 Literacy & Primary Sources Institute

If you have no prior TPS EIU experience, you should not apply for this
institute unless applying as part of a team with a TPS EIU alumni who will serve as a mentor. 
Developing literacy skills with primary sources is a powerful approach to engage students, increase understanding of context & promote inquiry.  Registration is closed
Important  Each participant produces one week (five 45 – 60 minute class periods) of comprehensive literacy based and primary source enhanced instructional content. 
Details TBA   
Individuals or Teams (2+ teachers from the same school, district or grade level with a common unit or focus)
A. Each participant is responsible for developing one week of instructional content. A team of two teachers = two weeks of instructional content, three teachers = three weeks,etc.
B. Indicate that you are part of a team with an identified common unit or objective.
C. Multiple teachers develop multiple weeks of content and decide how best to collaborate to complete the project.  (Ex. Three teachers develop a three week unit. Each teacher may be responsible for one week, or roles may be divided across entire three weeks with one person focusing on assessment, another on writing, etc.that is an area of interest.)
D. This institute requires work outside of group meetings.
Location Various locations
Dates   __/__ Details TBA
__/__ Details TBA
__/__ Details TBA
Required   1. Attendance and active participation in all sessions
2. Submission of instructional plan and content that meet TPS EIU guidelines and expectations 
3. Details TBA
Unit Overview   The instructional units created for this institute will include, but are not limited to:
1. 45 - 60 minutes of instruction per day
2. Thematic Understanding (integration of reading and writing with content)
3. Common Core State Standards
4. Texts—significant number, variety of genres including primary sources
5. Student Choice and Challenge
6. Scaffolding 
- 6a. Gr 3-5: word recognition, fluency, vocabulary comprehension, and read to gain knowledge 
- 6b. Gr 6-8/9-12: problem framing, close reading, build/elicit knowledge, summarize, synthesize across texts, & communicate understandings
7.Culmination and Grading
  updated 1/12/16


Contact Dr. Cindy Rich at or 217-581-7857 for additional information. 

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