Student Responsibilities

You must meet a number of obligations in order to remain eligible for the four-year guarantee:

The student agrees that to remain eligible for the EIU4 Program, he or she must:

  • Officially declare an eligible major during his or her freshman year.
  • Regularly check his or her EIU email, as it will be used as the primary method of communication for the program.
  • Meet with the academic advisor at least once per semester (prior to registration time) to plan and review progress.
  • Accept any available class section and register for classes within two days of student’s designated registration date.
  • Resolve any issues that may prohibit registration within two days of student’s designated registration date (e.g., submitting essays to the electronic writing portfolio, securing financial aid, paying fines, resolving judicial issues, getting required immunizations, and so forth).
  • Self-monitor academic progress by accessing web-based degree audit and grade records.
  • Complete at least one-fourth (1/4) of the designated program of study (i.e., courses applicable to general education, the major, and minor) each academic year. Students may apply AP, CLEP, proficiency, and transfer work in accordance with established policies. Students may also enroll in summer coursework to support their academic progress. While earned summer hours will count toward degree requirements, summer semesters will not reduce eligible semesters in the EIU4 Program.
  • Meet all requirements of the major, option, minor, etc., including those for admission to and continuance in the major/option/minor. Admission to the EIU4 Program does not guarantee admission to the major, minor, or option.
  • Meet all EIU graduation requirements.
  • Contact the EIU4 Coordinator upon making the decision to revise his or her declared program of study (by changing or adding majors, options, minors, etc.). The Coordinator will consult with the advisor and/or the department chairperson, who will provide a recommendation for continued enrollment after considering the ability of the student to complete the program requirements in the time remaining on the EIU4 contract. Continued participation in EIU4 requires approval from the EIU4 Coordinator.

The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Joint Agreement - The University and Student agree:

  • If the student meets all degree/program and EIU4 requirements but cannot graduate in four years because a course or courses are not available, the student shall meet with the Coordinator during the final designated registration period.
  • Together they will complete a form requesting the substitution of an appropriate course or courses. If the department chair determines that no substitution is appropriate, subsequent alternatives (in priority order) include offering an independent study, waiving the course requirement, or allowing the student to take the course in a subsequent semester at no cost.