EIU4 Parents

Who is eligible for EIU4?

First-time, full-time freshmen who are regularly admitted and ready to declare an eligible major may participate in EIU4. Also, undeclared students able to declare a major by May 1 of their freshman year are eligible for EIU4. However, those students who are unable to complete ¼ of their course requirements in one academic year because of deficiencies in high school course work or ACT scores are not eligible for EIU4.

What majors are eligible?

All majors are eligible for EIU4, except: All teacher education programs, all Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, athletic training, environmental biology, clinical laboratory science, and the engineering and nursing cooperatives. 

Does my student need to apply to EIU4 to be considered for the four-year guarantee?

No. Regularly admitted students who qualify for the four-year guarantee will be notified by email at the beginning of their freshman year. Current EIU4 students can check their EIU4 status at any time in the PAWS degree audit.

What happens if my student becomes ineligible for EIU4?

If your student becomes ineligible for EIU4 (either by altering his or her program of study or failing to meet one or more of the student responsibilities), they simply give up the four-year graduation guarantee. They face no penalties for being unable to complete the program.

Is this the same as the four-year guaranteed tuition?

No. Eastern automatically fixes tuition for all new undergraduate Illinois resident students for four continuous academic years at the rate for the first semester at EIU. However, students who complete their responsibilities for EIU4 can more accurately estimate their expenses and ensure that they will graduate before their tuition increases with the addition of a four-year graduation guarantee from EIU4.

What does my student need to do to ensure they remain eligible for the guarantee?

A complete listing of the student responsibilities is available here.