EIU's Graduation Guarantee.

Eastern Illinois University is proud to offer two graduation guarantee programs for students.

EIU4- Open to incoming first-time, full-time freshmen in many majors. 

EIU2- Open to incoming first-time transfer students who have graduated from a community college with an associate's degree. 

The programs are simple: If you qualify and complete the EIU4/EIU2 student responsibilities, we guarantee that you will finish your degree on time.


Check out your major's sample four-year degree plan!


Think graduating in four years is typical? Think again . . .

Nationwide only 1 in 4 college students complete a bachelor's degree in four years, and nearly half take 5 years or more!

Increased time-to-degree costs the student additional tuition, fees, and living expenses, which can take money out of your pocket or cost you additional money with student loans.

Besides the savings you will acquire by graduating on time, there are many other benefits to being a part of one of the graduation guarantee programs: scholarship opportunity, program support and resources, and closed class help to name just a few.



NEW!!  EIU2 Program- 2 year Transfer Graduation Guarantee

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How to Graduate On Time

1. Pick your major with care.

2. Know what your degree program requirements are.

3. Complete at least 15 hours every semester.

4.Think carefully before you make decisions that will affect your time-to-degree.

5. Know and meet deadlines.

6. Meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester.

7. Take summer courses if you need to.