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Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

There are over 150 recognized student organization and clubs representing the academic, social, service, cultural, athletic and religious and special interests of Eastern students. Student organizations provide students with opportunities to make friends, develop skills, and share special interests.

A-Z List of all RSOs


Departmental Clubs

Most of the departments at Eastern have student organizations for their majors. These clubs provide students with the opportunity to meet others with the same majors and interests. Some of these organizations are honoraries and give recognition to students who excel in their major field.

Majors and minors at EIU


Religious Organizations

Most of the major religions or denominations are represented by student groups on campus. The Office of Student Life makes available a current listing of campus organizations, which may be obtained in Room 316, University Union.


Residence Hall Government

The Hall Council in each residence hall is composed of representatives from each corridor, elected hall officers, and committee chairpersons according to the constitution of the hall. The Council is the governing body of the hall and is the channel of communication to the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and/or the Office of University Housing and Dining Services. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in the government of the hall. Specific procedures regarding residence hall governments are outlined in the University Housing Calendar/Handbook.

The purpose of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) is to deal with matters of mutual interest and to coordinate the joint activities of the member buildings. The RHA consists of two or more representatives from each hall depending upon the size of the building. RHA has the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations relative to University Housing Policies and Procedures for the betterment of the University Housing of EIU. Suggestions for the betterment of a building are made to the RHA representative.


Student Government

Student government is concerned with matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, and student participation in University planning and administration.

Student executive officers and student senators are elected in campus-wide elections held Fall/Spring. Students have the opportunity to run for five executive officer positions, 24 student senator positions, as well as to be appointed to various faculty/student boards.


Student-Faculty Boards

Student members of the student-faculty boards are appointed by the Student Body President with the approval of the Student Senate; faculty members are appointed by the Faculty Senate. The Executive Vice President of the Student Body or his/her representative is an ex-officio member of all boards. The boards are as follows: Apportionment, Council on Academic Affairs, Council on Graduate Studies, Council on Teacher Education, Council on University Planning and Budget, Health Service Advisory, Intercollegiate Athletics, Judicial, Library Advisory, Parking and Traffic Appeals, Radio and TV Center, Sports and Recreation, Student Housing, Student Legal Service, Student Publications, Textbook Rental Advisory, University Union, and Women's Studies.


University Board

University Board -"students programming for students"- is the campus entertainment programming committee comprising 11 sub-committees - Comedy, Lectures, Special Events, Concerts, Homecoming, Human Potential, Productions, Movies, Marketing, Public Relations, and Mainstage. Annually University Board sponsors over 60 major campus-wide events and programs that include Quakin' the Quad, Family Weekend Concert, Homecoming Week, Spring Fling, comedians, hypnotists, bands, and cultural events.


Greek-Lettered Fraternities and Sororities

Greek Life - Eastern Illinois University's fraternities and sororities strive to create well-balanced individuals through academic achievement, leadership development, community service & philanthropy, campus involvement, and brotherhood/sisterhood. The Interfraternity Council (IFC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Panhellenic Council sponsor All-Greek Educational Programs and organize "Critical Issues Week," a week dedicated to educating students on various topics such as AIDS awareness, drunken driving, self-esteem and sexual assault.

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