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Graduate Research in Chemistry (CHM 5890)


Joining a Research Group

Choosing a research director follows a certain protocol, which is spelled out on the application form (available around the 10th week of the semester). You must interview at least four faculty members to discuss their research areas; from these, you will make a first and second choice for your research director. For an overview of the faculty research areas, see the Faculty Research Interests.

The Tenth Annual Undergraduate Research Celebration is Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011, at 5 p.m.


General Expectations

Graduate students generally enroll in sufficient hours of graduate research (CHM 5890) to total 12, after whatever classes they are enrolled in for that semester. The amount of time you are expected to spend in the lab — or involved in your specific research activities — is explained to you by your research director.

You will also probably be involved in literature searching, report writing and other research-related activities. However, research projects differ, as do the expectations and policies of each research director. For that reason, be sure you are very clear on these items after you join a group.


The Thesis

The thesis is the culmination of your research activities over the 20-odd months you will be involved in a project. It will almost certainly be the largest document you have ever authored, and you will probably spend many weeks preparing it. Thesis formats vary with the research group, and you are given specific requirements by the graduate coordinator at the appropriate time. In fact, during your last semester here, you will register for CHM 5950, Thesis.