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Can I Visit the EIU Department of Chemistry?

Absolutely! We would be happy to have you visit us!


When you visit, you can:

  1. Visit with the department chair to discuss your college and career plans./li>
  2. Meet with current students and take a tour of the chemistry department as well as the EIU campus.
  3. Visit with individual chemistry faculty concerning their research interests.
  4. See how undergraduates can participate in their research programs.
  5. Visit any other campus offices you are interested in contacting (i.e., financial aid, housing, the Honors College, etc.)


Please feel free to contact us:

Mark E. McGuire, Ph.D. Chairperson Inorganic 3430 581-6228
Daniel J. Sheeran, Ph.D. General Chemistry Coordinator Inorganic 3154 581-6232