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Charles Brown, B.S. ‘78

Stephen P. Coughlin, B.S. ’78, MBA

Matthew Madigan, B.S. '78, M.S. '81 Division Chair Math/Science Lake Land College.

Bill Schnizer, '78; Ph.D. Indiana University; After a few years with Upjohn/Pharmacia/Pfizer and 25 years with Eurofins AvTech Laboratories, Bill has started his own company (Arrow Pharma Services LLC.), Ann Arbor, MI.

Donald Sears, ’78; Ph.D. University of Rhode Island; Environmental Protection Agency, Tallahassee , Fl

Patrick Zwilling, B.S. ’78, Mgr. Ecology and Environmental Inc. Lake Villa, IL

Michael Pendleton, B.S.’78, Armor Swift-Eckrich, Palos Hills, IL

Phil Sanders, B.S. ’78, Research Scientist at Eli Lilly, Carmel, IN