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Specialist Degree in Educational Administration provides the necessary coursework for graduates to secure the Illinois State Board of Education endorsement to be a Superintendent of Schools (pending re-approval by ISBE).  In addition to successful completion of the program, two years of full-time administrative experience and successful completion of the Illinois Superintendent Licensure Test are required for licensure. This degree requires a minimum of 33 semester hours above the Master's Degree.  The required coursework is as follows:

     EDA 6200 Evaluating Student Achievement (4 sem hrs)

     EDA 6600 Organizational Development in Educational Administration (4 sem hrs)

     EDA 6650 Superintendent of Schools (4 sem hrs)

     EDA 6700 Planning and Evaluation of Instructional Programs (3 sem hrs)

     EDA 6800 Current Issues in Educational Administration (4 sem hrs)

     EDA 6810 School Operations and the Law Seminar (2 sem hrs)

     EDA 6850 School Plant Planning (2 sem hrs)

     EDA 6860 School Finance (3 sem hrs)

     EDA 6870 Collective Bargaining (3 sem hrs)

     EDA 6910A Field Experience in Educational Administration (2 sem hrs)

     EDA 6910B Field Experience in Educational Administration (2 sem hrs)

All hours included in a student's plan of study MUST be within a 6-year time limit preceding receipt of the degree.