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Questions and Answers on Giving

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted gifts?

An unrestricted gift is given to the university without any restrictions on its use, enabling the president of the university to place the contribution where the most critical need exists. Restricted gifts are earmarked by the donor for a specific college, department, program or purpose.

I want my gift to go where the need is the greatest. How is this done?

When you make your gift, indicate in a note or on the memo line of your check to "apply the funds where needed most."

What is a matching gift?

Some employers match charitable gifts made by their employees. The employees obtain a matching gift form from their company and mail it in with their gift to EIU. EIU then verifies the gift for the employer and works with them to complete the gift transaction. Most employers match on a 1:1 ratio; however, some employers match on a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, usually up to a certain limit they establish. For example, if the employee makes a gift of $500 to Booth Library and the company matches 2:1, then Booth Library will receive $1500 ($500 from the employee, $1000 from the employer).

Search the matching gift employer list and find out if your employer participates in gift matching. If your company participates in such a program, you may be able to access the necessary paperwork directly through our search function. Follow the set procedure, and Eastern Illinois University will be happy to assist.

Do matching gift companies match gifts to athletics?

A number of matching gift companies match gifts regardless of donor designation. However, there are some companies that will only match a gift to athletics if the gift is designated for an athletic scholarship fund. Some companies will not match a gift designated for any type of athletic fund.