Campus Recreation


The mission of Campus Recreation is to provide EIU students, faculty and staff with informal and formal recreational activities regardless of ability.  We wish to promote a safe and enjoyable environment, encourage participation, and promote healthy lifestyles.  Campus Recreation serves primarily EIU students because our facilities and programs are supported through required student fees.

"Working Hard to Serve You!"


Facility Hours (Pool Closures)

Group Fitness Class Registration

I-M Sports Champions & Action Shots!

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 Team Sports & Special Events


Fall13 Mens Soccer So ILL (1)

Mens Soccer - So ILL


Fall13 Women Soccer Twerks (1)

Womens Soccer - Twerks


 Fall13 CRBB Blue Devils (1)

CoRec BBall - Blue Devils





Fall13 Dodgeball SAE Gold (1)

Dodgeball - SAE Gold





 Fall13 FlagFB Mens Delts Gold (1)

Mens Flag Football - Delts Gold


 Fall13 FlagFB Womens Powder Pain (1)

Womens Flag Fball - Powder Pain


Fall13 Womens Bowling Alpha Gam (2)

Womens Bowling - Alpha Gam

Fall13 Mens Bowling Sig Ep Red (1)

Mens Bowling - Sig Ep Red

Fall13 Powerlift Meet Action (39)

Powerlift Meet - Aaron


Fall13 Mens Wiffleball Delts Black(50)

Mens Wiffleball - Delts Black



Fall13 Womens Wiffleball Alpha Gam(25)

Womens Wiffleball - Alpha Gam


 Fall13 Volleyball Womens A Level Alpha Gam (2)

Womens Vball A - Alpha Gam

 Fall13 Volleyball Womens B Level Real A Team (1)

Womens Vball B - Real A Team

Fall13 Volleyball Mens A Level Action (11)Mens Vball A - SAE Gold



Fall13 Volleyball Mens B Level Action (12)Mens Vball B - Vball Knights





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