Top I-M Sports FAQ's

Q: How do I register for a team sport?
A: All Team Sport registrations are taken online through the Campus Recreation website under Intramural Sports, click I-M Online Registration and sign-up and/or log-in. Follow the instructions provided.
Who do I contact about Intramural Sports?
A: Contact Kevin Linker by email, written message, or call (217-581-7000).
Q: Where is the manager / official's meeting?
A: All meetings are held in the upstairs meeting room and times for those meetings are on the website and in the Trophy Case outside the lower entrance of the SRC.
Q: Where are the Team Sports I-M game schedules and playoffs schedules posted?
A: On the website (I-MOnline) or in the Trophy Case outside the lower entrance of the SRC. Always check the schedules because information cannot be given over the phone.
Q: Where are the results for Special Events and Tournaments?
A: In the Trophy Case outside the lower entrance of the SRC. Results will be posted at least 2 business days AFTER the event.
Q: How does a team manager add and drop players?
A: All teams may add players online through the second week of play then rosters are frozen. Once a participant plays on a team, they must be added online asap. Players can be removed online anytime up to the Manager/Captain's Meeting before the season begins.
Q: What happens with games rained-out or cancellations due to poor weather conditions and poor fields?
A: Regular season rainout games will be recorded as "automatic wins" and will not be rescheduled (unless time and space allow). Playoff games will be moved to the next available day on the same scheduled fields at the original times. Captains must check posted bracks asap.
Q: How does the Intramural Point system work and can Independent teams play in Hall and Greek leagues?
A: The point system is for Hall and Greek competition and the Intramural Handbook (online) contains the details. Yes, teams that do not have a Hall or Greek affilliation can play in either league. During the playoffs, Hall and Independents will be in the same bracket.
Q: Can a t-shirt be won by winning the hall or Greek championship?
A: The All Campus Championship (between Hall and Greek champions) wins the IM champion T-Shirt.
Q: What is the difference between a default and forfeit?
A: A Manager/Captain or Special Event participant must complete a "default" form at the SRC BEFORE 3:00pm to avoid a fine if a scheduled game/event cannot be kept and provide enough time to notify the opponet that no game/contest will be played. However, anytime a team or participant does not show up or the team minimum to play is not present, then a "forfeit" occurs. A Team Manager/Captain or Special Event participant will be charged (student account - Hold) a fine. Team Sports and Double Tournaments are $10.00 and other Special Events & Singles Tournaments are $5.00.