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Drug and Alcohol Education

We will explore the effects of drugs and alcohol on school, health and safety.  We will discuss alcohol limits and what affects our alcohol intake.

Healthy Communication

Students will learn about healthy communication skills along with problematic communication that comes from the technology of texting, My Space, Facebook, emailing and instant messaging.

Healthy Lifestyles

Learn about how eating right, getting good rest, and exercise can improve your overall wellness and mood.  We will also discuss other areas of healthy lifestyles including safe sex.

Internet Safety

Learn how to protect yourself in Cyberspace.  Students will learn about safety issues with Facebook and My Space and other internet outlets.  We will discuss how to be less vulnerable and ways to protect you while staying connected.

Movie Night

Cinema therapy is a great way to explore situations, issues and feelings.  The counseling center will provide a movie for a specific topic and lead a group discussion afterwards.  Contact counseling center for list of topics.


Not getting things done?  Learn how to manage your time, stop procrastination and make the most of your studying!


Students will learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to deal with breakups, and how to deal with long distance relationships.

Relaxation Session

Relaxation techniques will be demonstrated through deep breathing, mindful exercises, and guided imagery.  Students will have the opportunity to relax and learn relaxation techniques.

Roommate Conflict Management

We will discuss how to prevent, manage, and resolve roommate conflicts before and when they arise.

Safety Awareness

We will discuss safety tips for being on your own for the first time, being on campus, and rape prevention strategies.  Additionally we’ll talk about how to protect yourself when you leave to go home or for the holidays.

Self-Esteem Booster

Self-esteem is an image we hold of ourselves that develops overtime.  Students will learn how to boost their self-esteem and gain a positive outlook.


Not getting enough Z’s?  Learn how to improve your sleeping habits and get healthier sleep.  Sleeping to much or to little can be unhealthy!

Stress Management

Stressed out?  Students will learn how to identify stress and ways to cope with stress and every day stressors that come from being a student.

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