No More Secrets

The Counseling Center is implementing a violence prevention campaign titled “No More Secrets.” The goals of this campaign are to enhance awareness of who to contact when there is a concern for someone’s safety/well being, attempt to normalize reporting concerns for safety, and to educate students/faculty/staff on “red flag” signs related to suicide and resources for assistance. Our campaign will be a year-long effort, and we are looking for support across the campus.

Posters will be hung promoting “No More Secrets” and offering emergency numbers. We will be taking pictures of various people around campus to use on the posters, so if anyone is interested, please contact the Counseling Center. Also, we will be doing various presentations, which include a 25-minute video, “The Truth About Suicide.” The video is a very informative medium for educating students on college student suicide issues. We will also facilitate a discussion afterwards, and offer students the chance to take a depression screening tool, with the opportunity to speak with a counselor at another time. We will offer supportive resources found on and off campus.

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization or classroom, please contact the Counseling Center at 581-3413.