Counseling Center Lifeskill Booths

"Safety On Campus"
South Quad - Wed. Aug. 22rd 10am-2pm 

"Get the semester off on the right foot"
South Quad- Wed. Aug. 29th   10am-2pm

South Quad-Wed. Sept. 5th   10am-2pm

South Quad - Wed. Sept. 13th 10am-2pm

South Quad- Wed. Sept. 19th 10am-2pm

"Problems with Casual Sex"
South Quad- Wed. Sept.26th 10am-2pm

"Overcoming Procrastination/Good Study Habits"
South Quad- Wed. Oct. 10th 10am-2pm

"Good relaxation-coping with stress"
South Quad - Wed. Oct. 17th 10am-2pm

"Facts about Depression"
South Quad - Wed. Oct. 24th 10am-2pm

"Relationship Breakups-How do I Cope?"
South Quad - Wed. Oct 31st 10am-2pm

"Good Sleep"
South Quad - Wed. Nov. 7th 10am-2pm

South Quad Wed. Nov. 14th 10am-2pm

"Financial Stress"
South Quad- Wed. Nov. 28th 10am-2pm

"Home for the Holidays"
South Quad-Wed. Dec 5th 10am-2pm

These booths are on the South Quad on Wednesday to provide the Eastern students with information about various mental health issues that face college students. They offer tips and suggestions on how to cope with these subjects. They also provide students with information on contacting the counseling center. For more information please contact us at 581-3413.