C.R.A.W.L. Program (Choosing Responsibly and Within Limits)


The CRAWL Program is designed for students who are first time offenders not viewed as a SIGNIFICANT offender of the University Student Conduct Code for substance use. The objective of this program is to make students aware of the impact their substance use has on themselves and others. Subsequently the program content is designed to elicit responses that make them aware of this impact. The program has a series of interactive exercises that raise awareness to their own drinking patterns. It also provides alternatives to their current drinking habits so they can make better choices in the future.

The program is scheduled to meet on for two hours in an assigned room on campus. Students are generally referred by judicial affairs whenever they have violated the Student Conduct Code. Other referrals can come from others on campus if they have found a student in violation of the conduct code. The charge for the group is $35. If you want more information on how to make a referral you can contact the Counseling Center at 217-581-3413 or the Office of Student Standards 217-581-3827 Monday - Friday 8-4:30pm.


Advanced CRAWL

The advanced program is an 4 week group experience designed to help students who have committed a significant alcohol or marijuana-related violation of the Student Conduct Code. Students are expected to participate in all 4 sessions to successfully complete the program. There is a required fee of $100 for the program.

The advanced program is a 4 week group experience designed to help students who have committed a significant alcohol violation such as, but not limited to:

  • Transportation to hospital or contact of EMT services that render the student unconscious or in need of medical attention as a result of their alcohol use.

  • Second Alcohol violation.

  • Any physical assault, damage to property, bizarre and/or unusual behavior related to a students alcohol use.

  • Marijuana related violation of student contact code.

The CRAWL Program consists of a group that requires you to meet one time a week for 1 hour over a 4 week period.   During the group participants will be required to establish goals related to their substance use and report each week to the group the progress of those goals.  The groups are confidential so there is an ENVIRONMENT for everyone to feel comfortable with sharing each week. The participants will be involved in various informational and experiential activities that are consistent with the latest practices in the area of substance use on college campus.  This will allow them to utilize this knowledge to improve areas of their life they identify as needing improvement. At the end of the 4 week program participants are required to present to their peers and facilitator their knowledge and goal progress.  The participants must show that they can make decisions about their use so they have the ability to repeat further problems in the area of substance use.