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Computer Labs & Production Facilities

Department of Communication Studies students have opportunities for hands-on learning experiences thanks to several laboratory facilities.

Hadwiger Multimedia Lab

The multimedia lab is located in Coleman Hall 1691 and is named after Professor Emeritus Ken Hadwiger, Ph.D. Dr. Hadwiger introduced computer-mediated communication coursework and drew attention to the need for technology within the department and is thus deserving of the recognition. The multimedia lab contains 20 workstations and multiple printing options. Several courses are taught in the lab, and there are open lab hours for students to work on projects like video editing and web page design.  Students may also check out video cameras, tripods, digital audio recorders, microphones, and other equipment for use on class projects.

Radio Production Lab

The audio production laboratory is located in Coleman Hall 1710. The lab provides students with the equipment and resources to create radio programming and other audio productions. Open hours are coordinated by the instructor of the radio production and announcing classes.

Radio-TV Center

Communication studies majors interested in television production take their studio production course in the WEIU-TV studio in Buzzard Hall 1712. The studio features high definition cameras, giving students the most up-to-date experience possible.