New technologies have had an enormous impact on the academy, affecting research, teaching and administration. The College of Sciences, with support from the university, has made a commitment to making the latest technologies available to improve the work of its faculty and staff.

Technology Plan

As part of this process, the college has developed a technology plan to guide its efforts. This plan is just one piece of an overall strategy to put emphasis on the use of technology to improve learning outcomes and streamline administrative operations.

You can download a copy of the plan in PDF format below.

Software Availability

Various useful scientific and productivity software is available through the university, the Center for Academic Technology Support and the college. Below is a list of several of these packages, along with information about each one. Any faculty members who would like to suggest that we acquire additional software should contact Jong Kim (

Getting Help

For assistance with your computer, or the computer in a classroom, contact ITS User Services at 581-HELP (4357) or