Eastern Illinois University's Department of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences is proud of its fine reputation for preparing teachers. All teacher education programs at EIU are fully and nationally accredited. Practical experience with learners in school settings is a vital component of our teacher education programs.

From classroom observation to small group teaching, straight through to practicum and student teaching, EIU students receive many opportunities to develop into teachers in their chosen field of expertise. Please contact our office if you have questions about student teaching or clinical experiences.


Doug Bower (djbower@eiu.edu)


Reminders for Spring 2016 Student Teachers 

 EIU TB Clinic is next week.  The test will be administered on November 9th and 10th with follow up reading of the test on November 11 and 12.  Individuals who will be student teaching in a Pre-K placement must return to Health Services and have a second test and reading the following week.  The clinic will be held 8-12 and 1-4:30  in Career Services in the Human Services Building.  The fee is $15 ($30 if you will be student teaching in a Pre-K setting and therefore required to complete a second test).  See the attached flyer for more information.  In addition to providing a copy of your TB Test results to the Department of Student Teaching, you will want to maintain a copy of your TB Test results for your own records and to be able to provide your school.  If you do not complete your TB testing through EIU you will be responsible for making arrangements to have it done through your own health care provider. 

Health Physical Exam –– According to the Illinois State Board of Education a physical exam is required in order to student teach in Illinois.  While you can have this completed through your own doctor, Health Services is offering this service at a cost of $15 (which is very inexpensive).  If you would like to take advantage of this service you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with Health Services for a physical exam as soon as possible.   In addition to providing a copy of your physical to the Department of Student Teaching, you will want to maintain a copy of your physical for your own records and to be able to provide your school

Mandatory Meeting for all Spring 2016 Student Teachers -  Just a reminder that all Spring 2016 Student Teachers must attend one of the following meetings:

Monday, November 16th from 7-8 pm in Buzzard Hall Room 1103
Tuesday, December 1st  from 6-7 pm in Buzzard Hall Auditorium
Thursday, December 3rd from 5-6 pm in Buzzard Hall Room 110

Mandated Reporter Training – Be sure to complete the DCFS Mandated Reporter Training and turn in your certificate of completion into the Department of Student Teaching (1420 Buzzard Hall).  The mandated reporter training can be found at https://mr.dcfstraining.org/UserAuth/Login!loginPage.action;jsessionid=03C7915E9FD730AFC08C145E5F3983D2 .  This must be submitted as soon as possible.  Be sure to keep a copy of your certificate of completion for your own records.

edTPA – Remember that in Spring 2016 you will be required to pay for ($300), complete, and submit the edTPA for official scoring in order to complete student teaching.  Furthermore, you must receive a passing score on the edTPA in order to be recommended for a license to teach.  For this reason, I strongly encourage you to become extremely familiar with your edTPA handbook and the Making Good Choices document. 

Register for STG 4000/STG 4001 – Be sure to register for your student teaching courses.  The section of STG 4001 you will enroll in depends on the number of credit hours is required under the catalog in which you will graduate.  Check with your advisor or graduation officer if you questions.  For Special Education candidates you will enroll in Section 016 while for most other candidates you will enroll in section 012.  Either way rest assured that we will check to make sure you are enrolled in the correct section(s).

Illinois Licensure Content Test – Be sure to register for and take the Illinois Licensure Content Test(s) in your appropriate major/discipline.  Remember that to student teach in Spring 2016, we must have official results showing you passed the required test(s) no later than December 11th so please do not wait until the last minute to take the test.  Please refer to your pre-placement packet for more information.  Also, please note that if you are unsuccessful on your first attempt there you must wait 60 days before retaking the same test.

Spring 2016 Student Teachers Planning to Student Teach in Chicago Public Schools

If your coordinator has asked you to complete the application to student teach in Chicago Public Schools please go the the following website https://pcpsep.epm.cps.edu/sites/STI/index.htm .  Review the material required and once the application period opens use the student teacher registration link to complete your application.  If you have questions please contact Dr. Raymond LaPorte at rjlaporte@eiu.edu.



Student Teaching Application Fall 2016/ Spring 2017

The deadline for applications to student teach in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 was October 31st.  If you missed the deadline please complete the application (link found below) and notify Dr. Doug Bower at djbower@eiu.edu.

Every student planning to student teach must formally apply. To complete the application you will need a current transcript (PAWS transcript is fine), an up-to-date resume (saved as a pdf), and a writing sample addressing specific criteria (saved as a pdf).  If you need assistance with preparing your resume please contact Career Services. Finally, specification/requirements for the writing sample can be found by clicking here.

To begin or update your application click here.  Be very careful to mark the correct semester and year of when you plan to student teach.  If you are unable to log into the system please contact Dr. Doug Bower (djbower@eiu.edu or Ms. Jan Hickox (jehickox@eiu.edu).