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CEPS Programs and Degrees


Undergraduate Programs

Elementary Education, B.S. in Education 
Middle Level Education -  B.S. Education

Elementary Education - B.S. Education
     Middle School Option 
     General Option

Early Childhood - B.S. Education 

Health Studies B.S. 
Option in Community Health
Option in Health Administration with Business Administration minor
Option in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
Minor in Health Communication 
Minor in Community Health 
Minor in Health Studies for Teacher Certification 
Minor in Safety and Driver Education 

Middle School Education, B.S. in Education 

Kinesiology and Sports Studies, B.S. 

Option in Physical Education with Teacher Certification K-12 
Minor in Physical Education with Teacher Certification 
Minor in Physical Education 

Athletic Training, B.S.

Recreation Administration B.S. 
Major option in Therapeutic Recreation 
Minor in Recreation Administration 

Special Education, B.S. in Education 
Standard Special Option   Certifications, Special Education and Elementary Education 
Special Education and Secondary Education 

Secondary Education, B.S. in Education 
Subject Areas in Secondary Education 
Professional Education Requirements 
Integrated Secondary Education Program (competency-based) 
(for detailed information about ISEP please visit: http://www.eiu.edu/~sed_edf)
Adult Education Minor

Graduate Programs

Educational Administration M.S. in Ed.; Ed.S. 
Elementary Education M.S. in Ed. 
School Counseling M.S. 
Community Counseling M.S. 
College Student Affairs M.S.
Physical Education M.S. 
School Psychology Ed.S. 
Special Education M.S. in Ed.