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Feb 01, 2013


News from Old Main

"The recent chalk messages about sexual assault have made it clear that the university needs to launch an intensive campaign to make the university community aware of the resources available to prevent sexual assault and the resources available to help victims of sexual assault.

"This morning (Jan. 25), I met with members of the university’s Sexual Assault Task Force and charged them with moving this educational process forward. I have asked them to call on any other university resources needed to help design, promote and execute this program and to do so as quickly as possible. I have asked Sandy Cox, director of the Counseling Center, to lead this effort.

"I would also like to call upon interested and concerned members of the university community to join us in this educational effort so that no victim of sexual assault will ever feel alone at EIU. Many offices on Eastern’s campus -- including the Office of Student Standards, the University Police Department, the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity, the Counseling Center and the Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Service (SACIS) -- are deeply committed to assisting students who have been the victims of sexual violence. Staff members in these offices consider reports of sexual assault to be of utmost concern and seriousness. They listen to the victims, connect the victims with helpful resources and report the incidents to the appropriate authorities.

"It is my hope that this educational campaign, led by Ms. Cox, will be positive and productive, leading to a much greater awareness of the many resources available at EIU to assist sexual assault victims. I look forward to working together as a campus community to accomplish this goal."

DANIEL P. NADLER, Vice President for Student Affairs
Posted: Jan 28, 2013

A memorial service in honor of Dr. James Wallace has been planned for 3:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1, in the Buzzard Hall Auditorium (upper level) and Faculty Lounge.

Dr. Wallace, a counseling and student development professor at Eastern, died Monday, Jan. 28, at his home.

Dr. Wallace began teaching at Eastern in 2001. Prior to teaching at Eastern, he taught at Southern Illinois University and was an administrator in College Student Affairs at several higher education institutions.

Persons attending the service will have the opportunity to share reminiscences of Dr. Wallace.

We extend our sympathies to Dr. Wallace’s family, friends and colleagues.

A full obituary can be found here.

WENDY J. LANE, Office Manager, Counseling and Student Development
Posted: Jan 30, 2013

A test message will be sent via Eastern’s Alert EIU system as part of the institution’s regular monthly emergency test at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Alert EIU is a text-messaging system that alerts subscribers, via their cell phones, to emergency situations that are considered to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees (per the federal Clery Act). If needed, the text message advises them to take action. The messages are short -- no longer than 160 characters -- and focus on possible threats on EIU’s main campus.

The institution’s emergency siren/public address system is tested at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. The siren will sound, followed by a general test message. Its pulse tone is distinct from the normal continuous tone used by Coles County Emergency Services as a severe weather alert. That siren is tested at 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.

All EIU students, faculty and staff who have valid e-numbers are able to sign up for Alert EIU. For those who do not have text-messaging contracts as part of their cellular service, there may be a small charge for any text messages that they receive.

Information on the system and instructions on how to register can be found here.

Alert EIU is just one part of Eastern's Campus Emergency Notification System. The institution has several means of communication with which to notify the campus community in event of an emergency situation. In addition to Alert EIU and the outdoor siren/public address system, students, faculty and staff should be aware of the following methods of communication:
• An email message to all students, faculty and staff via their university-assigned email address will provide information about the emergency.
• Information will be posted to the EIU Web site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.
• A "phone tree" will help notify key individuals in departments/programs on campus; they, in turn, will post this emergency information in accessible locations for general public awareness.
• Information will be available via WEIU Radio (88.9 FM)/TV (Channel 51/Mediacom Cable 6).

Posted: Feb 01, 2013


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