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Mar 21, 2018



Level of Service for Building Cleaning

Please note the following adjustments to the cleaning schedule in some areas in Academic Facilities. Public areas that students and prospective students frequent will continue to be given the highest priority.

1) Public restrooms will continue to be cleaned at the highest level possible on a daily basis.
2) Classrooms will continue to be cleaned on a daily basis with floors swept.
3) Hallways will continue to be cleaned daily. Hallway trash containers will be emptied daily.
4) Departmental Offices will have trash emptied daily. Personal Offices will have trash emptied weekly. To aid in pest control, food trash in Personal Offices should be taken to the common area in the hallway, as these containers are emptied daily.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Thomas or Patty Murphy at the FPM BSW Office. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 4am to 3pm, phone (217) 581-5921. Jim Thomas can also be reached Monday through Friday from 4 to 11:30am at (217) 549-8873.

Patty Murphy, Building Services
Posted: Mar 01, 2018

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