Apr 19, 2015


Research and Creative Activity

Terry A. Barnhart (history) is the author of “Common Cause: Challenges in Museum Studies and Public History,” a contribution to Collections Care and Stewardship: Innovative Approaches for Museums Series. Juilee Decker, Editor. Lanham, Maryland: Rowan and Littlefield, 2015. The work will be available in July.

He is also the author of "American Antiquities: Revisiting the Origins of American Archaeology." Critical Studies in the History of Anthropology Series. Regna Darnell and Stephen O. Murray, editors. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 2015, which will be issued in November.

Posted: Apr 13, 2015

If you are working on an article, a book chapter, a grant report or any other writing project, please join us for Write-on-Site every Wednesday afternoon from 2-4 p.m. in the Office of Faculty Development (1116 Booth Library). Bring your laptop and grab a cup of tea (perhaps a cookie now and then) and set to work in the quiet company of others also engaged in writing projects.

For further information, contact the Faculty Development Office at 581-7051.

WANDA KAY ROBINSON, Faculty Development
Posted: Dec 15, 2014

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