Feb 25, 2017


Research and Creative Activity

Ryan Hendrickson, interim dean of the Graduate School, is accepting nominations for three available positions on the EIU Institutional Review Board. The IRB is responsible for reviewing all research involving human subjects in order to assure the protections of the rights and welfare of the participants. The three positions include one regular voting member from the Department of Communications Studies, one alternate member from the College of Arts and Humanities, and one alternate member from the College of Sciences. Each position will be appointed to serve a three-year term beginning Fall 2017. Faculty and staff wishing to be considered for membership should submit a statement of interest to Cheryl Siddens, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, via letter or email (casiddens@eiu.edu) by Monday, Feb. 27. Appointments will be announced prior to the end of the spring semester. For more information on the IRB and the available positions, please visit here.

CHERYL A. SIDDENS, Research and Sponsored Programs
Posted: Feb 13, 2017

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