Dec 03, 2016


Research and Creative Activity

David E. Bartz of the Department of Educational Leadership recently had an article published in Leadership Matters by the Illinois Association of School Administrators. The article is titled "What is your 'Mindset'? And do you have 'Grit'?"

Posted: Dec 02, 2016

The Eastern Illinois University Foundation is pleased to announce the FY17 recipients of the John S. and Margaret Redden Fund for the Improvement of Undergraduate Instruction. During FY17, $150,000 in grants will be transferred for projects to improve undergraduate instruction.

Blair Lord, provost and vice president for academic affairs, approved the following grant recipients for FY17:

Alejandra Alvarado, mathematics and computer science; Melissa Ames, English; Jeff Ashley, political science; Bruce Barnard, School of Technology; David Bell, Booth Library; John H. Bickford III, EC/ELE/MLE; Matthew Boonstra, art; Wutthigrai Boonsuk, School of Technology; Mike Bradd, communication studies; Douglas Brandt, physics; Steve Brantley/Richard Jones/T.M. Linda Scholz, Booth Library; Kristin Brown, kinesiology and sports studies; Ann Brownson, Booth Library; Todd Bruns, Booth Library; John Cabage, School of Technology; Thomas Canam, biological sciences; Andrew Cheetham, music; Ruth Chestnut, biological sciences; Jerry Cloward, School of Technology; Ann Coddington/Matthew Boonstra, art; Ellen Corrigan, Booth Library;

Steven Daniel, biological sciences; Mona Davenport, Minority Affairs; Don Dawson, Gateway/Minority Affairs; Brad Decker, music; Jonelle DePetro, philosophy; Jill Deppe, biological sciences; Janice Derr/Pam Ferrell, Booth Library; Lauri DeRuiter-Willems/Lauri and Kathleen Phillips, Booth Library; Julie Dietz, Booth Library; Derrick Douros, biological sciences; Kirstin Duffin/Ann Fritz/Gopal Perlyannan, Booth Library; Stefan Eckert, music; Eden Effert-Fanta, theatre arts; Karen Eisenhour, theatre arts; Chistiane Eydt-Beebe, foreign languages; Pamela Ferrell, Booth Library; Terri Fredrick, English;

Gabe Grant, School of Technology; James B. Giffin, Minority Affairs; Sara Gronstal, communication studies; Kathryn Havercroft, special education; Kevin Hussey/Scott Ronspies, kinesiology and sports studies; Claudia Danyi Janssen, communications studies; Stacey Knight-Davis, Booth Library; Grant Lakeland, mathematics and computer science; Danelle Larson, music; Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, history; Abbey Lesko-Youngberg/Heather Santos, Student Disability Services; Jeannie Ludlow/Misty Rhoades, women's studies; Hasan Mavi, kinesiology and sports studies; Patricia McPhilipps, military science; Sham'ah Md-Yunus, EC/ELE/MLE; David Melton, School of Technology; Andrew Mertz, mathematics and computer science; James Ochwa-Echel, Africana studies; Jeanne Okrasinksi, EC/ELE/MLE; Rosemary Onyango, Africana studies; Kathleen O'Rourke, School of Family and Consumer Sciences;

Susie Park, English; Charlotte Pence/Jamila Smith, English; Gopal Periyannan, chemistry; Kathleen Phillips, health studies; Kathleen Philips/Nikki Hillier, Booth Library; Peter Ping Liu/Rendong Bai, School of Technology; Alan Pocaro, art; Bryan Poulter/Sally Renaud, journalism; Anabela Resende da Maia, biological sciences; Misty Rhoads/Julie Dietz, Booth Library; Stacey Ruholl, kinesiology and sports studies; Jamie V. Ryan, music; William Schultz Jr., Booth Library; Dan Sheeran, chemistry; Sheila Simmons/Nikki Hillier, Booth Libarary; Issac Slaven, School of Technology; Karen Swenson, political science; Anne Thibault, theatre arts; Bradley Tolppanen, Booth Library; Kathy Waggoner, Student Disability Services; Peter Wies, mathematics and computer science; Marjorie Worthington/Fern Kory, English; and Yordan Yordanov, biological sciences. Sciences, Jie Zou, Physics.

NANCY R. ZYTKA, Development
Posted: Nov 29, 2016

David E. Bartz of the Department of Educational Leadership was a member of a panel presentation/discussion titled "Superintendent/Board Relationships" at the Triple I annual conference in Chicago on Nov. 19. This conference is sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators, and the Illinois Association of School Business Officials. The panel's coordinator was Patrick Rice, an EIU graduate. The conference was attended by approximately 10,000 school board members/school administrators.

Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Grant Sterling has been awarded the 2016 Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award. Sterling has served at EIU for 25 years in the Department of Philosophy, taking on leadership roles and dedicating his time to initiatives on campus and in the Charleston community. He has not only served on the membership of nearly all of the most significant committees and organizations at EIU -- Faculty Senate, EIU-UPI, CAA,and CUPB, to name a few -- but also has held leadership roles in those groups and several others. While many of his service accomplishments are at the university, college, or departmental levels, he has actively participated in professional organizations and conferences at the state and regional level, served as a consulting editor at the national and international level, and contributed to local community organizations.

NICHOLE HUGO, School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Jody Stone of University Housing and Dining Services has received the John E. Collins Distinguished Service Award by the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers. The award is the highest honor presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to the profession and to the GLACUHO organization. With more than 21 years of service of assisting students, Stone has been attending and presenting programs at the regional conferences since he was in graduate school. He has served as the organization's president, a member of the Financial Advisory Board, and numerous other committees. Through his leadership, EIU is recognized as one of the leading universities in the country for developing residential life professionals.

Posted: Nov 23, 2016

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