May 04, 2015


Human Resources

A VALIC representative will be on campus from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each Wednesday in the Sullivan Room, MLK Jr. Union. If you wish to make an appointment, please call 217-821-5289 or visit the Sullivan Room any Wednesday through Aug. 26.

VALIC is one of EIU's approved vendors for the 403b plan. A 403b is a voluntary tax-deferred supplemental retirement plan developed to enhance an employee's retirement. VALIC is one of the approved vendors offered by EIU.

For more information about EIU's 403b plans, please visit our page here.

THURMAN ETCHISON, Benefits Services
Posted: Apr 30, 2015

Voya Financial, formerly Reliastar, has performed its tri-term renewal process for life insurance. Employees who were due for their three-year evaluation have had their life insurance policies reviewed by Voya. Related rate changes will be enacted on the June 2015 payroll and will remain consistent for the next three years. Please contact Voya Financial at 1-800-955-7736 with any questions.

Note: EIU's current life insurance provider is Minnesota Life. The above information is only pertinent to those employees who have been grandfathered into the Reliastar/Voya plan.

THURMAN ETCHISON, Benefits Services
Posted: Apr 23, 2015

Summer is quickly approaching! Have you filled out your Summer Flex Schedule yet? If not, click here to complete your form today. This year’s summer hours run from May 11 through August 14.

THURMAN ETCHISON, Benefits Services
Posted: Apr 13, 2015

Any faculty member, ASP or A&P who is terminating from the university for any reason must complete a Clearance Sheet before leaving campus. Check your mailbox because faculty Clearance Sheets will be mailed through campus mail during the month of April. Completing the Clearance Sheet is a required procedure, so carefully follow the instructions on the form to avoid the inconvenience of receiving a final paper check. If you have questions about the exiting process, or do not receive a Clearance Sheet, please contact Carol Galey (7655), or Cindy Maples (2613).

CAROL A. GALEY, Human Resources
Posted: Apr 01, 2015

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