Dec 01, 2015


News from Old Main

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, the following office name changes will take effect: New Student Programs will become the Office of New Student and Family Programs and Student Community Service will become the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism.

DAN NADLER, Vice President for Student Affairs
Posted: Dec 01, 2015

The university will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year's on Eastern's four official holidays: Thursday and Friday, Dec. 24 and 25; Thursday, Dec. 31; and Friday, Jan. 1. Employees may use accrued leave or leave without pay, with supervisor approval, from Monday, Dec. 21, through Sunday, Jan. 3.

Employees who are in probationary status will be allowed to use any available accrued leave or take leave without pay during this time. Probationary employees who wish to use accrued leave during the holiday period must complete the Civil Service Employee Request for Accrued Leave During Probation form available in the Benefits Office. Supervisors are encouraged to approve such time-off requests unless the employment is required for essential duties during that period. Should an employee choose to take leave without pay, please note that accrued leave, sick leave and service credit will not be earned.

Administrators and professional staff subject to furlough days may use time during the above period to count toward their required furlough time. While this time will be without pay, the unpaid time and time off will not adversely affect pay status or eligibility rules regarding holiday compensation. Please note that the following eligibility rules apply for holiday compensation. Employees must be in an approved pay status, with or without pay, on the last scheduled work day before the holiday and the first scheduled work day following the holiday in order to receive holiday pay. Employees who are subject to the provisions of a prevailing-rate area agreement or a collective bargaining agreement will be paid according to the terms of the respective agreement.

In order to conserve energy, building temperatures will be reduced Saturday, Dec. 19, through Sunday, Jan 3. Inquiries regarding this information may be directed to the Benefits Office at 581-5825. Happy holidays!

Posted: Nov 15, 2015

Do you know someone on campus who makes our university amazing? Do you know someone who strives each day to make our university a better place? If so, don't hesitate to send nominations of individuals who are "real" Panthers for the Real Panther Campaign.

The campaign features students, faculty members, staff, parents, alumni and community members who go out of their way to make EIU awesome. From now till the end of the semester, the Marketing & Creative Services Office will feature one of our Real Panthers every Friday on social media with his/her story and photo.

Please send nominations to with a name, reasons why they make a Real Panther, and contact information.

LIZ EDWARDS, Media Relations
Posted: Sep 17, 2015

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