Newsletter Sections

May 25, 2018

Welcome to Eastern Illinois University's University Newsletter.

Did you realize that the newsletter is a continuous work in progress? The editors make every effort possible to set time aside each work day to review submissions; once reviewed and edited, those entries are entered into the newsletter. Theoretically, one could look at the newsletter daily and find new information not available 24 hours earlier!

And for the convenience of our readers, entries in each category are listed in chronological order. You'll find the most recent day's submissions at the top of each category.

Those submitting an item to the University Newsletter are asked to please use the "Submit Item" link at the left-hand side of the page. The rules are simple:
  • We ask that submission entries not exceed 100 words. (We do realize that there will be an occasional exception.)
  • Customarily, submissions run for one to two weeks. Rarely will we authorize items to run for more than four consecutive weeks. (Again, there will be the occasional exception.)
  • Please do not resubmit items with the expectation that they will once again appear at the top of a category rather than toward the bottom.
  • All submissions are subject to editing.

Submissions to the University Newsletter are placed into one of nine categories. (See below.) We trust this will help our readers find those items of most interest to them without having to wade through each newsletter submission.

The "Print-friendly Version" link remains for those of you who want to continue to see or print the University Newsletter in its entirety.

Categories are as follows:

News from Old Main: A category reserved for urgent announcements of general interest to the entire campus, messages from the president and/or vice presidents, and news from University Communications and Marketing. Ideally, this tool will notify you of university news before it appears in the media.

Meetings/Events: Self-explanatory. Primarily for those events open to the general public and/or campus-at-large.

Professional Development: Look here for news of faculty development activities, as well as other workshops, etc., including those sponsored by Booth Library, CATS and Human Resources (e.g., Leading Edge).

Human Resources: We believe this will be one of the more popular categories in that its content will apply to the majority of EIU's employees, be they faculty, staff or administration. For example, look here for payroll and benefit information.

Employment Opportunities: The place to look if you want to know what positions are available on Eastern's campus, who the new hires are, and interview schedules for candidates being brought to campus.

Research and Creative Activity: Readers will look in this category to find announcements such as those from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, as well as individual accomplishments by Eastern's faculty and staff.

Miscellaneous: There are always those items that don't seem to fit in any other category.

Especially for Students: Reserved for items of most interest to Eastern's students - scholarship availability, essay contests, etc.

EIU in the News: Links to recent media coverage of Eastern Illinois University.