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GTC Equipment Checkout

The GTC provides a checkout desk to make a variety of technology hardware available to students and staff.

View Equipment Checkout Policies (PDF)

Digital Cameras 5 hours  
Video Cameras (miniDV - SD and HD) 5 hours  
Audio Equipment for Video Cameras 5 hours  
Tripods 5 hours  
Cables (Firewire, USB, etc.) 5 hours  
Display Port Adapter 5 hours  
Snowflake USB Microphones 5 hours  
Webcams 5 hours  
Card Readers 5 hours  
Headphones 8 hours Lab use only
Sound Proof Booth 5 hours  
Notebook Computers (for students) 24 hours Academic use only
iPod Touch or iPad 5 hours Faculty only
Notebook Computers (for faculty) variable Faculty only

If students need items longer than the time allowed they must bring a signed document from a faculty member or department chairperson.

If faculty or staff need items longer than the time allowed, an extension can be arranged by contacting:

Chad Elliott
Director of Gregg Technology Center
Center for Academic Technology Support
Eastern Illinois University
217-581-8340 | cpelliott@eiu.edu