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CATS Training Services is designed to assist faculty, staff, and graduate assistants with any software technology need. We start by suggesting technologies that will help you succeed. Once you decide which technology you prefer to use, we show you how to use it through a one-on-one session. After you're prepared to use the technology, we provide trouble support to help you navigate through the kinks technology can have.


We provide information in three different categories: subject, software, and type. If you know the name of the software you want to use, simply click the software link below, and then choose your software.

If you know you want information about a certain subject but aren't sure what software you should use, the subject link will navigate you to different subjects, where you can then choose a software from the list.

Type allows you to look through the software we offer by the following five categories: general technologies, informational technologies, instructional technologies, administrative technologies, and advancement technologies.



Once you know what kind of technology you want to use, we show you how to use it. We offer specific trainings in five different categories:

General Technologies are those that show all aspects of a technology. These sessions are hands-on and show all possible avenues to take when using technologies. 

Informational Technologies are those that show how to use computer-based software applications. In these sessions, trainers will demonstrate to participants how to use a technology.

Instructional Technologies are the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. These sessions will provide participants with the necessary tools for teaching.

Productivity Technologies are geared toward enhancing communicating and collaborating. These training sessions will provide participants with necessary tools for working in the office.

Emerging Technologies are those used to help participants move toward the next step in their careers. These sessions will cover technologies that link participants with employers, as well as help develop the tools needed to pursue a career. 




Having trouble with a particular software? Come on over to CATS Training Services. We can help navigate you in the right direction to ensure you're getting the quality you need in a software. We're located in the basement of McAfee Gymnasium on Eastern's Campus.