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Policy for Technology Delivered Courses @ EIU

According to the policy for technology delivered courses and instructor requirements for teaching technology delivered courses at EIU,

"Any instructors of technology delivered courses/sections must submit proof of having completed

**the Online Course Development Institute (OCDI),
**Illinois Online Network's "Master Online Teacher" certificate
**or another documented and equivalent training activity

before teaching the courses/sections for the first time."


Q:  How has the policy for teaching technology delivered courses changed?
A:  According to the new policy, instructors must submit proof of having completed the OCDI, ION Master Online Teacher program, or equivalent training before teaching a course online.  The Online Learning Modules (online videos) are no longer a means for meeting the requirement.

Q:  In which semester will faculty be required to meet this requirement?
A:  The revised policy is in effect for anyone teaching an online course for the first time during the Summer 2013 term or later.

Q:  The policy states "any instructor" must submit proof of having completed the requirement before teaching the courses/sections for the first time.  Does this pertain to the course or the instructor?
A:  “Any instructor” teaching an online course must complete the training requirements outlined in the policy, regardless of whether or not the course has previously been taught online. Once an instructor has met the training requirements, they do not have to repeat training to teach additional online courses.

Q:  If instructors met the requirement in the past by completing the old online learning modules and have been teaching online, do they still have to meet the new requirement?
A:  Instructors who met the previous training requirements and have been teaching online are grandfathered under the new requirement and do not have to complete additional training. The revised training requirements only apply to instructors who have not yet taught online.

Q:  Who is responsible for verifying that this requirement has been met?
A:  Department Chairs are responsible for verifying that instructors teaching any course meet the requirements to teach that course, including the specific requirements for teaching online courses.