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As of May 2014 Citrix at EIU will no longer be available.

Here you will find information pertaining to Citrix at EIU. In the right side column are announcements, notices and critical messages.  Please visit often.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a client-server system that allows remote users (clients) to login to the Citrix Web Interface in order to see a list of applications.  Users can launch and run these programs as if they were installed on their own computer.  All applications are running on a virtualized Citrix XenApp server.  You can "Open from:" and "Save to:" your local hard drive(s) (C$ on Client V:\).  Printers are auto-created.  USB drives are auto-connected if they are already plugged in before the Citrix application is launched.

View a video about Citrix here.

Who can use Citrix?

All faculty and staff may login to the Citrix Web Interface (using the link located at the top of the left navigation column) with your EIU Active Directory login ID, also called NetID.  Faculty can request a Citrix Class Account User ID for their classes to have Citrix access.  Contact the ITS Helpdesk (581HELP) to request this.

Mac users will need to request an Active Directory Domain User Account by completing a web form here. Once the account is created you will be notified by ITS, then it will need to be added to the Citrix Security Group in Active Directory. Please call the ITS Helpdesk (581HELP) to request this.

New faculty and staff will need to have their Active Directory Domain User Account be added to the Citrix Security Group in Active Directory. Please call the ITS Helpdesk (581HELP) to request this.

Students must be enrolled in a class that requires access to applications that run in the Citrix system. If you are unable to login, please check with your Professor. They will have the username and password for your class.

What do I need to install on my computer?

In order to run applications from Citrix, you must install the Citrix ICA client called Online Web Plug-in on your computer. When you login to the EIU Citrix Web Interface, your computer will be scanned for the proper client. If found, you are all set. If not, you will be prompted to install it. Alternatively, you may go to the Citrix Systems Inc. website to download the proper ICA client for your Operating System. Links are found in the left navigation column under Citrix Systems Inc. section.

Instructions for logging in at the EIU Citrix Web Interface can be found at the login page: EIU Citrix Web Interface Login .

Also, video tutorials and a pdf are available here.







If you receive an error message about Root Certificates, you may need to follow these instructions:

Exporting Root Certificates for the ICA Client for Macintosh on OS X 10.4 Tiger










Fall 2011-


All Citrix services will be down from 3:30pm today untill 10am on 22nd due to planned campus power outage.



The SPSS apps from IBM have been renamed to SPSS18 and SPSS19.



All servers are back online.


09112011 3:30am

All but 2 Citrix servers are back online, logins are working. Please pardon the interruption.


Shortly after 5pm, Citrix servers started getting Blue Screen of Death.  No logons are working. Citrix is Down!



SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics Campus Edition) has been renewed and the new codes applied for v18 and v19.  V20 is available now and will be tested on Citrix this semester. 

Only v18 and v19 are renewed.  Therefore v17 will be unavailable after it expires.


Spring 2011-


Citrix will be down at noon today for updates to be applied.  It will be powered on ASAP upon successful completion. UPDATES HAVE COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY.

This week Citrix Virtual Servers will be cleaned out and drive space consolidated to free up space for a few more virtual servers, please backup all files you may have inadvertently saved to C:\ on the servers. 
(Always save to C$:\ never to C:\)  You may encounter service interruption during this week.


Due to Scheduled Power Outage in Lumpkin, Citrix will be down 9pm May 10 through 9am May 11.


SPSS17 and SPSS18 will be decommissioned according to license aggreement by June 1.


Adobe CS3 and CS4 will be uninstalled by the end of this week.  Please use CS5.


SAS9.2 is being tested on Citrix


Unable to Launch apps?



If you have recently installed or had to reinstall the Citrix ICA Client (online web plugin) and you receive the message to Open or Save the launch.ica file when you login and click on an app to launch it, you may have to ensure that the Citrix online web plugin is installed by looking in the Control Panel Programs app.  After that, double-check that .ica files are associated to Citrix online plugin engine.  The link below shows pics of how to find the Programs control panel applet for Vista/7 operating system.


(If you don't see the Default Programs app in the list, click on the right arrow just to the right of Control Panel in the address bar of the window and a drop down list will be revealed...then select All Control Panel Items.  All items will be visible now, just select Default Programs.)

Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.  Wait for the list to load. 

Scroll down the file types list to find .ica.  It should show that the .ica file type Name is associated with Citrix as the Current Default and the Description column reads Citrix ICA Client.  If not, select .ica, click Change Program button at the top, then browse your C:\ drive to Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\ and select wfcrun32.exe or wfica32.exe and click Open.

Also, notice if the long yellow information bar pops up under the address bar.  If it does, select it and Allow the Addon to run.

Finally, if all else looks OK, while the message to Open or Save the launch.ica file is open, uncheck the box to remind me of this and then click on the Open button.

EIU Citrix Admin Team



Shutdown, Startup took about 65 minutes.  Citrix will reboot at 10am this morning, please pardon the interruption.


About 85% of Citrix Apps are available.  All apps are expected to be available by Tuesday.


Power outage occured on campus around noon.  Citrix will be intermittent until all the virtual servers can be restored.  Tech support has been called.



Adobe CS3 and CS4 will be uninstalled from Citrix at the end of Spring 2011



IBM PASW 19 is ready.


Adobe CS4 is crashing.  A reinstall will be attempted this week. Reinstall did not correct this issue. 

Christmas Break 2010  Citrix Servers have been enhanced to handle the amount of users we had last semester.



The fix is being applied. Should be ready by 4:30p.  Thanks for your patience.



Last Tuesday, I upgraded 2 components of Citrix per Citrix Consultant recommendations.  It seems the Streamed apps (labeled S2S) are not launching right now.  I have tech requests in to my consultant already...and hope to have it resolved today.


Nov 22-23

 XenServers and XenApp servers will be updated to the latest versions, Citrix access will be down.



03.08.2010 Lumpkin Power Outage and Citrix Downtime.

Lumkin Hall is scheduled for a power outage, therefore Citrix will be unavailable from Friday, March 12th at 3pm until Monday, March 15th at 8am.


02.02.2010 EndNote X1.0.1 is in testing phase.

We only have 1 license, so only 1 user can use it from Citrix at a time.


10.08.09 Citrix Downtime

Lumpkin Hall is scheduled for electrical maintenance. Therefore Citrix will be unavailable during these times:

3pm on Thursday, October 8th to 9am on Friday, October 9th

09.23.09 Adobe CS4 Master Collection

Adobe CS4 Master Collection is installed and being tested. Stay Tuned for more updates.

09.16.09 Adobe Acrobat CS3 not running

We are working on an issue with Adobe Acrobat CS3 starting, appearing on the screen for a second and then disappearing. We will post again when issue is resolved.
EIU Citrix Admin Team


08.11.09 Citrix Downtime

Lumpkin Hall is scheduled for electrical maintenance August 11th - 13th. Therefore Citrix will be unavailable during these times:

3pm on Tuesday, August 11th to 9am on Thursday, August 13th


08.03.09 Citrix Downtime

Lumpkin Hall is scheduled for electrical maintenance August 3rd - 5th. Therefore Citrix will be unavailable during these times:

3pm on Monday, August 3rd to 9am on Tuesday, August 4th

3pm on Tuesday, August 4th to 9am on Wednesday, August 5th


07.09.09 Citrix Downtime

Citrix will be unavailable between 10 am and 11am this morning due to a Cisco switch replacement.  We apologize for the urgency of this situation.

 Additionally Citrix access will be sporadic through Sunday, July 12, 2009 as we merge the new Central Repository into the environment.

 We apologize for the interruptions and appreciate your patience as we improve and update Citrix at EIU.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


07.08.09 SPSS License Renewal

We will update SPSS license on Citrix as soon as we receive the new codes, presumably by July 31, 2009.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


06.01.09 SPSS 17.0

We are currently working with SPSS Inc Technical Support regarding an error message when starting up SPSS 17. However, SPSS 17 will run if you click OK on the popup boxes.

As of 06.11.09, we are still working with SPSS Technical Support to resolve the issue with SPSS17 running in Citrix.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


05.22.09 Citrix Xen Virtual Environment Rising

As we fine tune the new Citrix Xen Virtual Environment, we will be decommissioning old Citrix farm servers throughout the coming weeks. Most of these old servers will be repurposed around campus. If you have trouble accessing applications, please call the Helpdesk for assistance.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


06.11.09 Scheduled Power Outage

A power outage is scheduled to occur in the Gregg Technology Center on June 16, 2009 from 5am - 10am and on July 2, 2009 from 7am to midnight.

The Citrix Web URL eiuapps.cats.eiu.edu will be unavailable. Please use the link provided above during this time.

EIU Citrix Admin Team



04.30.09 Intermittent Issues - UPDATE

We are working with our Citrix Consultant to resolve an issue with login authentication. We expect resolution by 4:30pm. We apologize for the interruption.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


04.28.09 Intermittent Issues

The Citrix servers are experiencing intermittent issues. We are noticing this from the Web Interface, as well as, the Program Neighborhood Agent that is used in computer labs. The Citrix Admin team is researching that matter and will post updates right here as they are made available.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


Beginning the evening of April 16, 2009, SSB began having some power issues that affected access to servers and authentication for services, including Citrix. ITS is currently working to resolve the issue ASAP.

EIU Citrix Admin Team

Power Outage Notice:

Due to the planned campus power outage, all Citrix servers are scheduled to shutdown on Friday March 13, 2009 @ 1 PM thru Tuesday morning March 17, 2009.


Sunday, March 15   -- Entire campus, main switchboard, Buzzard Building
  Monday, March 16   -- Coleman Hall, Lumpkin Hall, Taylor Hall, Andrews Hall (  Please Note: In addition, when the power goes off for the Monday buildings, there will be a short interruption of power for the buildings listed on Tuesday -- once in the morning (when the power is being taken down) and once in the afternoon (when the power is being brought back up).  


03.05.09 Student Login Issues

Students, not faculty/staff,  were having issues with invalid credentials when trying to login to the Citrix Web Interface (student\username)  for the past week or two.  Sometimes changing their password in PSynch worked, sometimes not. Yesterday, the issue seemed to have escalated to every student every time they tried to login.  We worked with Dave Emmerich of ITS.  All settings looked OK to us. This morning we found the problem and have remedied the issue.We have tested about 6 student accounts successfully so far.  

We apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience.

EIU Citrix Admin Team


  • Summer 2013:
  •  July 26 10am - July 29 11am : Citrix Services will be down due to Planned Campus Power Outage.

Content/data is not to be stored on the servers as per policy.



  • Faculty:
  • Citrix Class Accounts (CCAs) expire at the end of each semester.  Please email us to have them reset before your next class begins.

Stay Tuned!!