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ALL current EIU students can use Panther Recruiting to:

  • Schedule appointments with a Career Counselor.   Find a time slot they are available and book it with a snap!
  • Reserve a seat for Career Services workshops 

  • Access a multi-media career resource library to explore popular careers and leading industries, publications including the Job Choice magazine, and the NACE Salary calculator.  


How do I access Panther Recruiting?   

It's easy!  Simply log in with your EIU ID and password HERE 

Download The Instruction Guide     | PLUS+ Member Instruction Guide  


Get MORE!  

Take your account to the next level with Panther Recruiting PLUS+

With Panther Recruiting PLUS+ you can:  

  • Find and apply to full time jobs & internships.   

  • Utilize cool features in your search including Google Maps  

smartphone connected to Panther Recruiting PLUS+

  • Post resumes to Resume Books, reviewed directly by employers.

  • Store cover letters and other documents for safe storage and easy access.

  • Schedule campus interviews.  
  • Research employer and industry information.

  • Sign up for exclusive career related trips and events

  • Stay connected on the go with your Smartphone!

  • Integrate your account with Facebook and LinkedIn    


Panther Recruiting PLUS+

Sign Up.   Sign In.   Get Hired!       



Panther Recruiting PLUS+ Membership fee options: (may be billed to student account)


  • Current students (access through Aug. 31 of academic year of graduation) -- $40
  • Current Student LIFETIME access -- $75.00*
  • Alumni LIFETIME access -- $60.00*

* Must be a current EIU student or an alumnus of EIU to retain LIFETIME access.