FAQ's about Credentialing

Q: What are credentials and how are they used?

A: A credential file is a professional portfolio that may be established for students registered with Career Services for access to an online job bank database called credentialsPanther Recruiting PLUS+.  Your credential file may contain the following items:

  • Resume
  • 3-5 Letters of Recommendation
  • EIU Transcript (copy)
  • Transcripts from other educational institutions attended
  • Student Teaching Evaluations (if submitted by student)
  • Other Evaluations, if applicable
  • Reference page
  • Copies of certifications

Q: How do I set up my credential portfolio?

A:  You may set up your portfolio when you register with Career Services.


Q: How do I know what items my credential portfolio contains?

A: You may view your credentials by accessing your Panther Recruiting PLUS+ account. Click on "Documents" on the gray tool bar at the top of the page and select "Other Documents" from the drop-down menu. Please note that you must complete your profile on Panther Recruiting PLUS+ before you are able to access these documents.


Q: If I ask someone to submit a letter of recommendation for my file, should I assume it is in my file?

A: NO!
1. Be sure to allow time for your letter of recommendation to be written before you expect it to be in your file. Allow two weeks for your letter to be submitted.
2. Don't always assume your letter has been constructed just because you requested it. Also, be mindful of busy schedules and the fact that items may be lost in the mail. It takes at least one day to process items for your file once they arrive in the Career Services office.


Q: Can I upload documents to my Panther Recruiting account?

A: Yes. If you have access to a scanner, you may scan your documents.


Q: Do the transcripts that I submit to my credential file need to be originals?

A: Transcripts from universities other than EIU may be student copies; however, we require original EIU transcripts.


Q: Can an employer view my credentials online?

A: No. At this time, credential items are only viewable by you (from your Panther Recruiting PLUS+ account) and by Career Services staff.


Q: If an employer needs my credentials, what are my options for sending them?

A: The short answer: Mail, Fax or E-mail. The long answer: There are a few options for sending your credentials. You may contact the Career Services office to request that your credentials be sent to a prospective employer; we can send them either by mail, fax or email.  Credentials can sent via e-mail or mail for $5.00 or $10.00 for faxed copies.  Due to current hiring trends, you may also wish to send your credentials on your own (self-credential).


Q: If an employer asks me to submit all of my application materials electronically, how do I include my credentials?

A: You have the option of managing your own materials through the Panther Recruiting PLUS+ account. You will find this process explained more fully below. This has the added advantage of saving you our processing fees.


Q: How do I self-credential if I am applying for jobs listed in the Panther Recruiting PLUS+  network?

A: (For job search instructions using Panther Recruiting, see the Panther Recruiting Quick Start Guide). For those jobs that have the "Online Applications Accepted" feature, you may click the "APPLY" button. At the next screen, select the appropriate documents to send (i.e., resume, cover letter, other documents). Then click "Submit."


Q: How do I self-credential if I am applying for jobs NOT listed in the Panther Recruiting PLUS+  network?

A: You may access your credentials from your Panther Recruiting PLUS+ account by clicking on "Documents" on the gray tool bar at the top of the page and selecting "Other Documents" from the drop-down menu. Save each document to your hard drive and then send them either electronically as attachments or as a hard copy as requested by the prospective employer.


Q: How long do I have access to my Panther Recruiting PLUS+ account to use it for self-credentialing?

A: Your credentials remain stored in our secure database, however, should you wish to re-activate your account for future job search purposes.   Please note: we will be phasing out credentials in the near future.   Watch for future updates coming soon.